EPX Game announces that Night Whisper Lane Free is now the full-length game thanks to Ads being carefully placed within the game.


Toronto, Canada – February 14, 2013 – Thanks to ads being placed into the free version of Night Whisper Lane gamers will be able to enjoy the entire game. The first free version to feature Ads will be the iOS version with other platforms coming soon.

About The Game:

Experience the game they're calling "Point, Click & Die" - Now even more terrifying!

?????'“Night Whisper Lane has a great premise, a nicely spooky atmosphere, and some solid-if-too-basic gameplay. I hope with the release of subsequent scenarios EPX will hone their craft. I am totally willing to point, click, and die some more.”' - JTM Games

???? "Night Whisper Lane is worth a purchase, it's creepy, fun, and will keep you occupied for a while" - Bleeding Dead Film Reviews 3.5 / 5

??? Hard to solve, "Have you wondered how it would be, if some invisible force would push you into a big house full of mysteries and great dangers?" -- apposky.com - 6.8 /10

????? "I'm an avid player of horror games like resident evil and silent hill, and I am really enjoying night whisper lane! What I like about it are its simple tap controls and turn based boss stages, it's quite unique!" - cindygirl0812

????? "If you're looking for a fun, scary mystery game look no further" - bertybottom

Night Whisper Lane is a BRAND NEW survival horror game that many gamers refer to it as "Resident Evil Meets Final Fantasy"

See how long you can survive before One of the many deadly traps get you, "whatever you touch might be a trap"

Can you escape the horrors of Night Whisper Lane and live to see another day.

Night Whisper Lane is the 1st authentic Survival Horror gaming experience specifically designed for iOS that merges classic “Point and Click” gameplay with a “Turn-Based Battle System” to help you fend off whatever evil awaits you in this seemingly endless labyrinth.

You find yourself in presence of an old ominous house without the faintest idea of how you got there, yet you feel drawn to it and are compelled to enter. Immediately you look down to your arm and see….Goosebumps. As you reach to find the door you entered blocked, the shivers spread to every toe and finger tip.

You will need to trust your instincts, wit and memory to uncover the mystery behind the house and its connection to a mystifying femme fatal. Will you survive long enough to escape from the terror on Night Whisper Lane?

WARNING/DANGER: There are many hidden traps and deadly encounters on your journey that can and will kill your character! Be mindful of what you interact with as you look for items to solve puzzles and unlock doors & passages.

Weapons & ammunition are scarce so keep an eye out for them and manage them wisely because fighting empty handed is certain death.

Make sure to restore your character's health by using Bandages and First-Aid kits especially if you have a sneaky suspicion a trap or encounter is lurking around. This concludes the Survival Guide.

??? Features: ???

- Original Survival Horror Gaming Experience specifically made for iOS

- Multiple Game Endings

-“Point and Click” gameplay featuring an engaging “Turn-Based Battle System”

- Authentic Survival Horror Story, even down to the camp

- Startling 3D rendered rooms and areas with a hint of surreal

- Gruesome booby-traps are hidden, some more deadly than others

- Challenging Enemy/Boss Battles

- Variety of items, weapons, health packs and other secrets to uncover

- Eerie soundtrack

- Auto Game save feature works in the background 

- Animated Boss Battles (Added in Version 1.0.1)

- Help / How To Play section in Main Menu (Added in Version 1.02)

- Restore Save File from death from Booby-Trap (Added in Version 1.0.2)

- In Game Map (Added in Version 1.0.2)

- Boss Rush Mode (Added in Version 2.0.0)

Boss Rush Mode is a sequence of consecutive boss battles as an extra challenge to players. After each of the rounds the player will be awarded extra health and weapons as they prepare for the battles ahead. Weapons are limited in this mode so choose wisely.

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About Us

EPX Games is an independent studio based in Toronto, Ontario. Our love for games and the development of them has led to our first major release: Night Whisper Lane for the iOS platform. We believe that innovation; dedication, originality and enjoyment are at the heart of amazing games.

We will continue developing more titles that follow the same principles. We specialize in the development of games that are easy to play, easy to learn, and most importantly fun! We hope to captivate gamers of all ages from various backgrounds to enjoy the games we have to offer!



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