Four more years for the Nordic Game Program

It is with great pleasure that Nordic Game Resources can announce the continued support program for the Nordic industry. Nordic Game Resources, the administrator of the program from 2006 to 2011, has been chosen to manage the new program in 2012, with an option to continue.

A total budget of DKK 26 million for the four years was suggested by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture in April 2011. Starting with 9 million in 2012, the budget will decrease each year, concluding with 4 million in 2015. Thus, and according to the plan, the years of the Nordic Game Program 2 will be a transition period, where increased financing and broadened support from the industry it self is to form the foundation for enduring Nordic cooperation within computer games from 2016 and onwards.

With a limited budget compared to 2006-2011, the Nordic Game Program 2 will focus on its core activities. The development support program, which directly supports new Nordic game projects will continue, with a budget of DKK 5 million for 2012.

The Nordic Game conference, held annually in Malmö, Sweden, as well as a string of cultural export activities during global industry events, will also be supported, with a clear goal to further involve regional organisations and partners of the industry in creating and developing the best possible and most efficient events. 

The details, such as deadlines, dates and structures for these activities, will be announced in separate press releases shortly.

The entire plan, “Nordic Game Program 2”, can be downloaded at the program website The summary of the plan is attached below.

Press Contact:

Jacob Riis

+45 2360 9422

Summary, Nordic Game Program 2, Plan 2012-2015

This proposal for joint Nordic computer game activities from 2012 to 2015 are based directly on the decision in April in the Council of Ministers for Cultural Cooperation and contains a number of annual priorities for action within the agreed budget.

Objectives - for business, industry and in common

Our culture and media policy-based objectives of ensuring the availability of good Nordic computer games for children and young people coincides with the game developers' goal of securing their own future by creating new, creative copyrights and to keep them under their own, thereby Nordic, control.

The industry operates with a number of different business models, and even if the structures are changing, you cannot say that the computer game industry's great, still growing, revenues generally and continuously reach the game developers to share. Development support acts as a "stamp of approval" for new small businesses, but also for the more creative projects within established businesses. The conference and export activities then bring the products to the global market.

Prioritised activities in a developed, market-based structure

With a shrinking budget, it becomes necessary with focus and efficiency. During 2012-2014 the program will allocate development support and to fund the conference and export activities. The financial risk associated with these is taken out of the upcoming program, and the operation is taken over by external actors, mainly within the industry, in accordance with the plan for 2006 to 2011. Transmedia, including music, and continuous learning become permanent features of the conference during the period. In 2015, there is no room for development aid, but in this year the most important task will also be preparing for the handover to the future structure.

Development aid, which the experts can focus on selected areas, but also other activities, will be based on market analysis and selected strategies, with the experts in a client role. The global intelligence continuously includes the European context. The group of experts is added to in cases other than development aid, with representatives for game developers, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, and other players who can contribute significantly to the establishment of an enduring Nordic cooperation in computer games. The objective is increased transparency and influence, but also broadened responsibility and greater involvement of more parties. This is a prerequisite for lasting cooperation, and resources reserved for this.

Enduring Nordic cooperation in computer games from 2016

The establishment of enduring Nordic cooperation in computer games 2016 requires clear strategies, but also flexibility. Our first-hand alternative is an independent fund or foundation, with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers, from game developers and other professionals, and from the Nordic countries. Our second choice is to have computer games as a field that is treated equally with other Nordic media cooperation, in a broad Nordic Media Fund.

Our last resort option is for the co-operation from the 2016 to fall under some other Nordic operations. The current proposal includes a detailed, prioritised plan for activities at both strategic and tactical level to ensure broader responsibilities and funding.

We see the next four years as a transfer of the proven key elements of a program that has been built up and temporarily run on contract by a commercial operator. Now we transfer the activities into established, more broadly based and enduring forms.


We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to propose a continuation of our work in the current period, 2006-2011. We, working at the administrative body, feel a great responsibility not only for the current and the future program, but also of course for our staff, the Nordic game developers and for everyone else for whom our activities are important, now and in the future.

The herein proposed work will be a major challenge to the administrative body and the industry, but it is our belief that even our more ambitious scenarios are indeed feasible. To ensure continuity, competence and credibility in the industry and the rest of the world's eyes, it is however very important that we get an early, clear decision on this proposal.

We also want to express our gratitude for the great confidence shown us over these years. It's been a pleasure to work for the Nordic countries and for our computer games industry.

Erik Robertson

Project manager for the Nordic Game Program, 2006 – 2011

Chief executive of the administrative body, Nordic Game Resources AB



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