Game for iOS - Chromasphere - to be released Jan 11 2013



by redmotion games

To be released on 11th January 2013

For iPod3G and above; iPhone4, 4S, 5; iPad2, Mini, 3, 4.

Chromasphere for iOS is a ball rolling game in which you control a colour-changing sphere. The gyro-based controls have been finely tuned to provide precise control only requiring slight, gentle movements to make it move. Chromasphere features Game Centre integration with leaderboards for all currently available levels and re-playability is enhanced with time-based medal awards and the ghost replay feature, against which you race the replay of your last best time. With chilled sounds and music plus high definition 3d graphics and physics, Chromasphere strives to be an exciting and challenging entry into the itunes appstore.

It is also available on Google Play for Android, Blackberry Playbook and the Amazon Appstore.


"Before the time of the Ancient Mayans, the Laputians ruled the skies in their vast levitating cities hidden beyond the clouds. The greatest of these was Laputa, held aloft by a single, massive, intensely magical lodestone.

“It is written that every year the Laputan Elders picked their top students to undertake a series of gruelling tests called the ‘Laputan Trials’, during which they competed to prove who possessed superior skills amongst many different disciplines.

"The first of these tests was that of mind control over the lodestones themselve. These magical floating rocks were encased in ball of heavy stone called a 'Chromasphere’, which could be rolled in any direction the controller commanded. For the most advanced disciples, it’s colour could be changed with a mere thought."

Finally, there is an app to give you your chance to enter the first Laputian Trial. It’s time to prove you are the true master of the Chromaspheres.

Gameplay Features

* Roll the Chromasphere using just the gyro within a full 3d physics engine!

* Get to the end of each level within the bronze, silver and gold times to win medals!

* Pit yourself against your last best time with the "ghost" replay mode: an easy way to improve your skills!

* Complete 22 3d Levels with the final 2 EPIC levels still to come!

* Collect 4 colored crystals to activate the Chromasphere’s colors, open colored doors, activate colored switches and cross colored bridges! Leap gaps in the broken walkways using boosters!

* Cross the moving and rotating platforms! Plus more obstacle types still to come!

* Touch-based Camera Controls: Swipe the screen left and right to move the camera. Pinch the screen in and out to zoom in and out.

* Share your best times and medal wins on Game Center!

* Challenge your friends!

Playing Tips

If you do choose to play or review Chromasphere, be sure to read these helpful tips:-

1. The secret to good control is to gently tilting your phone or tablet a little rather than move it quickly and to exaggerated angles. It seems like it's not going to move when you tilt gently but it does speed up quickly. The reason for this is a control ‘deadzone’ which helps you come to a stop more easily when rolling onto the moving platforms, avoiding the obstacles or negotiating the narrower roll-ways.

2. To get some of the higher medals you will need to go to the options page and move the “calibrate tilt” speed over from “casual” towards the “pro” setting - this makes the Chromasphere move more quickly. Also, some gold medals cannot be won until the final two levels are added and the player can begin to permanently unlock the colour buttons.)

About redmotion games

redmotion games is a small independent games developer currently focusing on creating casual-core games for mobile devices. They aim to introduce core gamer features to the casual market.

B eing independent, redmotion games like to release games early (usually during the beta phase) to gather vital user opinion and employ it to refine the game further. Chromasphere is no different - it has changed considerably since it’s first release on Android and Blackberry Playbook, everything from the UI, camera controls and level design has changed as a result of this process. We hope that this new release on iOS will be the best and most refined release yet.

The lead developer's other notable game development experience is as an environment artist/animator for the critically acclaimed PC Half Life 2 modification Black Mesa.

Developer Website:

iTunes link:


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