Gobbowl – International release on October 26th, 2011

Roubaix, France – October 19 th 2011 – The first strategic and sport online simulation from Ankama is coming out on October 26th. It will be in open beta from the 19 th to the 25 th of October. This is the best time to discover its ranking system.

Ranking system

The scoring:

There are two categories of games: the ranked matches and the challenges.

The ranked matches allow the player to win (or lose) points by playing against random opponents while challenges allow them to face the opponent of their choice in a "friendly" game, which does not affect the player’s rating or position in the leaderboards.

The amount of points won or lost in each game depends on the actual rating of the two opponents. The ranking system used in Gobbowl is based on the Elo system, and has been customized by the development team as follow:  

-the points won or lost after each match take into account the difference in the numbers of touchdowns.

- a player who quits a game before the end of the match will lose significantly more points than if they had "only" lost the game.

-to avoid that some players stay inactive after a series of victories in order to stay on top of the rankings, a system for decommissioning the inactive players will make their rating regularly decrease.

Leagues and sub-leagues :

Depending on their rating, players will be placed into leagues (there are five of them) and sub-leagues.

Within each subdivision, the ranking is updated immediately after each game played. By the end of the game, players will know how they have progressed.

In a subdivision, players will face opponents of their level and will be able to concretely estimate the evolution (being good or bad) of their position.

The divisions and subdivisions will be updated on a regular basis (twice a week): the best of each sub-division will go to an upper division, while the less skilled ones will go down.

Being positioned in a certain division and subdivision does not limit the opponent search: it is quite possible, in a ranked match or a random challenge, to play against an opponent from a division and subdivision different from his own or even from a different country!

Gobbowl – The videogame

Gobbowl is a free-to-play, online strategic sport simulation. Requiring no installation, it features a unique, simultaneous turn-based gameplay system. Set in the world of DOFUS and WAKFU, players can choose any of the 14 available character classes to join their Gobbowl team.

Gobbowl – Features:

- An accessible gameplay.

Orders determine the Gobbowler’s actions for the turn to come. There are four orders available in Gobbowl: Earth for attacking, Fire for dodging and catching, Air for passing and finally Water for speed and regenerating.

- Gobbowl is a free browser-based videogame.

All the information is saved in Ankama´s servers, allowing the players to play with their own team and friend from anywhere!

- A strategic game.

Choose one of the many predefined teams or create a team from scratch, selecting your players from the 14 character classes available in DOFUS and WAKFU. The player can select 10 different Gobbowlers per team. Five of them can be used during the first half while the remaining ones can come in during the second half.

- Varied game environments.

Each stadium has its own set of unique rules. Enjoy a match in Bonta, Brakmar, the Bam-Mamas Archipelago, and plenty of other locations!

- A permanent, themed tournament system.

Players can try to become the Gobbowl World Champion! Every match will affect their ranking. In addition to the persistent leaderboards, themed tournaments will further complement this offbeat sport with many surprises.

- A free-to-play game.

Gobbowl is free to play, and allows players to compete without time restrictions in exciting matches. Only advanced cosmetic customization options will be subject to payment via the secure Ogrines system – Ankama’s games currency.

Gobbowl – The inception

Gobbowl is a game stemming from Ankama´s imagination. It mixes rugby and American football. Two teams composed of five players will face each other according to specific rules. The aim is to ground the Gobball behind the enemy goal line.

More information on the official website: www.gobbowl.com



Founded by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras in Roubaix in 2001, ANKAMA is an independent group which produces digital creations and employs over 450 people. The international success of the group’s MMORPG DOFUS, with more than 40 million players, enabled ANKAMA to branch out into several related industries: online games, publishing, animations, web design, press, mobile phone services and video games for next gen’ consoles. ANKAMA is also developing WAKFU, a transmedia project composed of animated cartoon, video game, card game and comic book. For more information, visit our official website: www.ankama-group.com


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