Graviton Block - Not just lines, not just a tetrinomino

Graviton Block it's far from the tetrinomino genre, as its pieces does not rotate but they are attracted or repelled by other pieces called gravitons.

The mission on GB is to keep in line the four particle generators, putting together pieces to create 3x3 blocks so they disappear from the grid to survive.

Choose and drag one of the pieces from the capsules to the grid, drop it over the rest of the pieces to create a 3x3 block. But that is just the beginning: you have to combine the different kinds of particles, be careful of gravitons and its gravimetric field, and knowing that when a block disappears the remaining particles loose its cohesion, falling and filling the gaps to create more blocks.

Graviton Block it's a Free Game supported with Ads.

The game has 2 In-App Purchases:

- Remove Advertising

- Unlock Alpha & Omega Modes

App Store Download Link - iOS Universal App

Google Play Download Link

More information about the game mechanics

As simple as drag & drop...

- Drag & Drop a piece. The laser guides will show where the piece will drop.

- If your piece falls on a positive or negative gravimetric area, it will be push or attracted.

- Arrange the pieces in blocks of 3x3.

- After a pulse (time) ends a new particle will appear on a capsule.

- Press on the empty capsules to get a new piece.

- Beware, if at the end of the pulse all the capsules are full, the alarm will activate. 

- If the alarm it's running after the pulse ends, contention matter that will push your pieces up.

- Keep doing blocks of 3x3 after every pulse and gain score multipliers. Try to get the maximum!

- Pieces will keep getting harder and harder to sort as the levels go up. Keep focus to get to the higher levels.

- If one particle touch the pieces launch area, then is game over...

Kind of particles

Blue - Positive. Atracts Vulnerable particles.

Crimson - Negative. Repels Vulnerable particles.

Green - Zero Matter. Immune to positive and negative gravimetric areas.

White - Vulnerable particles. Will be affected by the Positive and Negative areas.

Big Chain Reactions!

- Mix Positive, Negative and Zero Matter to make big chain reactions to keep the grid clean.

- With three or more special particles the reaction will go higher in strenght.

Game Modes


Positive and Negative particles only affect the lower side of the pieces.

The initial pieces will be easy to arrange.


Positive and Negative particles affect the whole piece.

The complexity of the pieces it's higher.

Faster pulses (less time between drops)


Pieces have a higher mass and they are able to escape some of the positive or negative particles.

Pieces are affected according to it's height.

A piece of 3 will be attracted or repelled 3 spaces.

At this mode the complexity of the pieces it's higher.

On Omega you will have to think before acting, but it won't be easy because the time between pulses it's lower. A challenge that will test your speed and strategic skills.

About Neotko Studios S.L.

Neotko Studios it's a self publishing indie studio based on Madrid (Spain). Born from the imagination and effort of Sebastián Suchowolski. Dedicated gamer, he is always translated his passion to his work: in 1998, together with his brother Gabriel Suchowolski (currently CEO of Estudio Cocoe) create Onez, one of the firsts online videogames magazine, a personal project in which they transform their hobby in a launchpad that allowed them to showcase their talents for future jobs: its design and contents were produced by themselves.





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