How to Use Herbalism in Call of Thrones

­­­To make your own Healing potions and Energy Potions, you will need 3 skills from the trade skill list. Gardening is to harvest the raw materials. Herbalism is to refine the raw materials into their vital essences. Alchemy is to mix the essences at an Alchemy Furnace.

The First step in creating potions and elixirs is to harvest the raw materials, which can be done at any of the shrub bushes around the realm. Different qualities of bushes will produce varied Raw Herbs­.  You will need to harvest materials from at least 2 types of shrubs to gather the proper raw materials.

We will start simply, with a basic healing potion that heals 8000 HP.

First step is to harvest Hemp from Common Shrubs and Blood Vine in Average Shrubs. There needed at least 10 units of each of these materials to make it, but I strongly recommend more.  Once you have obtained your raw materials, the next step is heading to the Alchemy Furnace in the nearest town.

On arriving at Furnace, click on the furnace, where you will see a window pop up:

It is here that you will select Refine Herbal medicine.

You will then need 5 units of each Raw material attempting to make 1 unit of essence. There is an 80% chance of success for each attempt, and the fee to refine and the raw materials will be deducted regardless of your success or failure.

Once having your raw materials refined, go back to the Furnace interface and select “make recovery items” to get the Make recovery items window.

Take what is shown in the picture as an example; you will need 2 Hemp Essences and 2 Blood Vine essences to make a potion.

If you already have the raw materials, click on the “create” button and watch as the healing potion appears in you inventory. There is no chance of failure at this stage of the process.

To make more advanced potions you are required to harvest rarer herbs harder to find plants and have higher trade skills to do the actual creation of the potions and elixirs. 

Okay, that’s all for now. I hope this guide is helpful to you and may your journey through the realms safe and profitable.  

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