Indomitus Closed Beta Launches Today

Koramgames are proud to announce the closed beta launch of Indomitus, an ambitious free-to-play browser-based MMORTS boasting an impressive array of combat options, hero ranking RPG gameplay, and thousands of kilometers of game world to conquer..

Exciting new free-to-play browser-based MMORTS, Indomitus has launched it's first closed beta today, June 13th. Combining deep and tactical battles with large-scale city building and heroic leadership RPG elements, Indomitus is set to wow gamers with it's vast array of gameplay features and unique combat options.

Play the Beta!

The official Indomitus website is available now, packed with information on the new MMORTS. Visit now for a chance to play the new closed beta!:

Indomitus Epic Warfare

The centerpiece of Indomitus is the unparalleled scale of city sieges. Capturing a city requires coordination and teamwork, and youll have to fight for every inch you take. Millions of soldiers controlled by thousands of players will clash in the greatest battles of Indomitus.


Cities are shared by all members of a tribe in Indomitus, not just guilds, meaning a single city may have hundreds of players ready on defense and even more ready to send reinforcements at a moments notice. The largest battles may last for hours at a time!

Indomitus boasts a huge world to conquer, with each tribes empire growing to mind-boggling proportions. With hundreds of cities up for grabs and thousands of kilometers to be traversed from one end of an empire to the other, there may be enemies on multiple fronts to be dealt with. Your tribe and guild strategies will need to evolve constantly as your empire grows, and alliances with other tribes will be made and betrayed.


Great heroes are the driving force behind any important event in history. Thanks to the mystical Altar of Heroes, an important facet of Indomitus' gameplay, you can meet and play alongside some of histories most heralded figures.

Tthe Altar of Heroes will help you tap into the spirit realm and summon spirits of the greatest heroes past and present to your side, including Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, William Wallace, and Attila the Hun!

Heroes are the captains of your army in Indomitus; they lead all your squads on marches, dispatch your units for city improvements, and command your soldiers in battle. A diverse line-up is key to success. Brawny warriors may be valuable in battle, but youll also need some less warlike heroes on hand to engage in city improvement and deliver resources between cities.

Training in the amphitheatre or fighting in battle will gain experience, while you can also participate in the arena to find ability scrolls for your strongest heroes, and check the mystery shop regularly for powerful gear. As the highest levels, you can augment heroes to earn permanent boosts to Attack and Defense or spend experience to upgrade their best abilities.

Arena Battles

The Arena is available for when you want to test your heroes on their own. Indomitus offers a wide range of arena battles, so that you can prove your worth in a variety of circumstances. You wont lose any real soldiers in the arena, so feel free to fight as much as you want without fear of losing. Learn to hone your strategy by choosing the ideal unit types and combat settings to counter your opponents line-up. Earn resources to stimulate your development and gear or items to enhance your heroes while honing the killing power of your army.

PvE Campaign

Check out Historical Campaigns to fight your way through 10 different campaigns modeled after real life historical battles, such as the Viking siege of Paris, Alexander the Greats conquest of Persia, and Attila the Huns last stand.

PvP Last Man Standing

The developers didnt forget about your competitive streak either. Settle the endless speculation of whos best by throwing down one-vs-one in Last Man Standing.

King of the Hill Plantation Battles

For a more thrilling, high stakes experience, you should check out the Plantation battles. Its not for the weak willed, but if you have what it takes theres glory and riches to be had in Plantation Battles.

Guild Mine Battles

This is the perfect place for your Guild to demonstrate its real power. There are no loyalties here, so youll be fighting tooth and nail, even within your own Tribe, to control the richest silver mines.

Play Indomitus on Facebook

An official Facebook app has also been announced for Indomitus. Now you can play Indomitus while communicating with your friends on the worlds most popular social website. Check out the Indomitus app here:

Be sure to visit the Indomitus Facebook page for exclusive news and events:

You can discuss Indomitus with other interested gamers on the official forums:

About Indomitus

Koramgame's strategy epic, Indomitus, set in a savage era of European history, is a browser-based tactical MMORTS. Play a barbarian warlord on a quest to conquer Europe, and recruit and join heroes of lore like Julius Caesar and Attila the Hun in battle. More outstanding systems include numerous combat modes, and the hero RPG-esque and guild strategy system. In line with the core gameplay of strategy games, Indomitus innovative combat strategy system lets players conduct warfare efficiently and conveniently. 

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