Labour Day weekend means free play.

Traditionally regarded as the last days of summer, Labor Day weekend marks the time of year for many people to stow away not only their whites, but also their running shoes and all ambition of a healthy lifestyle.

The International Institute of Physical Well-being would like to point out that, even thought the weather might be turning, there are many ways to remain fit and healthy through fall and winter. Specifically, we would recommend video gaming, which is known to sharpen reflexes, build muscle-tone and invigorate the mind. In fact , some studies have shown as little as 15 minutes of gaming to have equal health benefits to a four mile power-walk and a wheatgrass smoothie.

In the interest of public health, the good people at Polarbit have generously agreed to offer a limited time discount on their smash-hit Reckless Getaway on iTunes App Store, slashing the price by over 60% in all regions from 9 AM (EST) September 2 nd until 9 AM September 6 th.

This represents an unprecedented opportunity to pick up this truly extraordinary game at practically no cost at all. There is simply no longer any excuse not to stay healthy!


We want to shed some light over some of the more important rules of the Mayhem game mode to make you understand why you scored the way you did.

Most rules apply to regular getaway mode too.

The Mayhem game mode is about reaction and execution, not so much about memorization of the tracks. When getting comfortable with the Mayhem game mode mechanics you shouldn't have too much problems scoring decent on a new track.

General rules:

*Hitting a moving car from behind only makes it dizzy and won't bring you any points (unless it drives into something and gets destroyed).

Try hitting its side from an angle to make a tackle. Doing this right will make the car flip over and hopefully even destroy it. That way you get points for both the tackle and the destroyed vehicle.

If doing this correctly you should almost be "snaking" between the lanes to hit cars from the side.

If a car lands on the roof it's as good as dead.

*If a car hits something with enough force or speed it will be destroyed.

*You get points for everything destroyed on the screen, even if you didn't cause the accident. So if a police cars gets destroyed by a train you get a destroy score.

*Hitting a stationary or a slowly driving car, chances are you destroy it by just ramming straight into it.

*Driving head-on into oncoming traffic is good but you only get scores for destroying, not tackling. Besides, you loose a little health for each car. Avoid all heavy oncoming traffic.

*Some tracks have less intense traffic; try to nail every single vehicle in some way or another.


Mayhem game mode only uses the shockwave powerup, except for a few rare locations.

Using the shockwave powerup alone doesn't make any damage on cars, it will only push them away from you.

On the other hand, the cars will be destroyed when they fly out a cliff, track boundary, into water or get smashed into something. Use it when cars are really close by for best effect or they will only become dizzy and harder to tackle and predict.

Important scoring:

Tackle: 500 points

Regular cars: 1000 points

Police cars: 1500 points

Heavy vehicles like trucks and tractors: 3000 points. (Can not be

Tackled, only be destroyed by pushing them into the water, track boundary or down a cliff.)

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