Lost Astronaut's Empire in the Sky (ALPHA DEMO RELEASED)

Game: Empire in the Sky

A retro-style cartoon 2.5D space RPG with lots of opportunities to be

creative, and an absolute ton of music.

Source: LostAstronaut.com

Teaser/trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVTpdIjUUJY

Empire in the Sky is an independently developed PC video game set in a

stylized 1960s-1980s retro cartoon universe with blatant and extensive

references to NASA and other "Space Race" icons. Much of the data is

modeled after real life, so you might even learn something! This is

the "lava lamp" of space RPG shooters! Travel the cosmos in a fully

customizable spacecraft -- designed by you (or us). Fight or befriend

scores of alien civilizations in your quest to rule the cosmos, while

exploring a rich, procedurally generated world that includes planets,

planetary bases, towns, cities and starbases. Build a nearly limitless

and vast empire that stretches across hundreds of star systems, on

thousands of planets! Empire in the Sky optionally lets you build your

own starbases and planetary bases, and enhance your designs by

crafting individual spacecraft parts.


Hello gamers!  Well, it's August 2012 and we've been testing our Alpha

Demo for several weeks now.  We need your help!  The game is stablized

but may not work on every machine.  This is tragic for those who want

to play the game but can't!  Help us catch our bugs early so Desura

will offer it on their platform, and so the game works on the widest

possible variety of game systems.  Contact us at

empire.in.the.sky@gmail.com if the game doesn't install or work right,

or if you have suggestions.


-More than 2GB RAM

-Fairly recent video card (NVIDIA / ATI)

-OpenAL-compatible sound

-At least 4GB hard drive space



What is the setting of Empire in the Sky?

Earth is intact, but polluted and ravaged by wars.  The human race has

entered a relative golden age, however, despite its rather fledgling

status in the cosmos and the wars that have happened prior to the

game's start.  Acceptance into the Galactic Council and its positive

relationship with the "GRB" provide it with plenty of new

relationships to explore, and not all are peaceful.

The mysterious GRB provide standards and practices for the  commerce

and technology of space faring galactic civilizations, but many of the

planets are unexplored and contain non-space-faring civilizations.  In

some cases, aggressor races have enslaved or sworn to protect these

civilizations. Evidence of ancient but vastly sophisticated

civilizations can be found on planets, so you're an artifact hunter if

you're able to find your way through the space wars and other

mucky-muck that is space.

For those who haven't had a chance to play the game, we've got it in

the hands of our testers right now, but we promise a fairly stable, if

limited, experience for people who want to help support the game by

buying a copy early, and for those who want to try it, we'll get a

demo out there.

In the free demo:

-Platform stability on Windows 2 and 4 core systems

-100 star systems to explore across 2 sectors

-300 alien civilizations

-Endless combat

-Endless building (that saves persistently!)

To give you a basic overview, here are the specs for the final version:

-Build anywhere on planets, moons, star systems

-Conquer and interact with alien species

-Traverse cool-looking semi-cartoonish "stellar dungeons" in small teams

-Customize, customize, customize

-Perform scientific feats like materials creation, genetic

modification and xeno-archaeology

-Participate in a strategic meta-game as you conquer the galaxy

-Share your creations with friends

-Duel friends in fun arena-style combat

What's our plan for the MMO?

We want it to be fun, but it's hard to do with a game like this.  How

will it work?  Stay tuned.  For now, just go with the thought "with

friends", because that's what it's all about isn't it?

What kind of features do you expect to include in a "final" release?

We're not certain we can do a fully immersive MMO with such a limited

amount of resources, so we're hoping to provide a gateway service and

develop a P2P client that at least provides a way to communicate and

trade items and blueprints.  There may be a way to provide additional

interactivity, but it's down the line.  One or more artists may be

helping develop assets to make the game more rich.  We will provide

extensive creative and customization capabilities.  For those

interested in just how much creativity you can put into a starship,

make sure to review "Building 101" a primer for building.

What will you be able to do outside the ship?

You, and your team, will explore planets and enter ancient ruins,

military bases and alien cities.  They will fight alien hordes deep in

the bowels of planetary installations and you will wander dungeons in

an arcade rogue-like.  You're also able to enter your base and

manipulate your crew directly, and I'm trying to figure out a good way

to provide ship boarding and hostile takeovers. Outside the ship, you

must repair your vessel in deep space. You will be able to establish

colonies, conquer worlds and perform diplomacy to end wars.

Will there be more?

Yes, there will be more, with your support.

As indie titles go, this game is already a huge 6GB!  We originally

capped it at 3GB but in the interest of the project have expanded it

to allow for higher resolution graphics, more audio (3.33GB in latest

build), better experience and more precise pixel management.  Also, on

a quad core 3.0GHZ processor we are already seeing 4-core peaks so we

know we've pushed the limit of what the technology can do, and we're

still pressing forward to add more animations, interactions and game


Download information

Link: http://lostastronaut.com/alpha/EITS-AlphaDemo.exe

About 45 minutes to download.  Once installed, it takes about 2

minutes to load normally when the game is started.  No reboot is

required after installation.

Please have anyone who you give a copy of the demo to email me their

machine specs, "how do I?" questions, error messages, or creative


You may also want to watch our training videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_cPIOAz1Oc ; ( Building 101 )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSoV0UZRH1A ( Building 102 )

More videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvDo7UjRT9I&feature=g-upl ; (Combat Demo)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMASsHSVdQE&feature=relmfu (More Trailer)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfmDJaLpp1k (One Hour Gameplay Demo)  

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