Persuasion - The unique 80’s board game is back

Persuasion is unique. It is the only game that lets you discover and explore different personalities; whether it’s your own or a different one altogether. Inspired by his work in the field of psychology, Dr Andrew Sutton invented the original game in 1984, and was granted a worldwide patent for the concept. The new iPhone version has been developed by a company called five-one-two who specialise in internet and mobile applications.

Unlike many other games winning isn’t everything: the true enjoyment of Persuasion lies in what it reveals about you. Are you as Tough as you think? Or do you have a secret Tender side? Because regardless of what you think you are, you’ll probably be surprised by the results.

The game is played on a hexagonal board divided into 6 segments that represent the whole personality. The segments represent three pairs of contrasting basic characteristics: Tough and Tender, Stable and Changeful, Intellectual and Emotional/Physical. Your objective is to define your own personality at the start by putting down a marker on the board where you expect to finish. It’s a bit like claiming a territory with a flag. You can use 2 markers if you would like to play the more complex version. You then answer a series of revealing questions that will award points for you to allocate strategically on the board. If you give the right answers the points will take you ever closer to your marker, so when the game is over you’ll be able to see how close you where to your predicted personality.

You can either play a “Truth Game”, so you would answer all the questions as truthfully as you can, or you can try a different personality and then adapt your answers to the questions to reach your objective. Either way you learn more about being that kind of person. It lets you see if you really are a good judge of character.

Initially Andrew was going to write a book but he soon realised that he wasn’t very good at fiction so he searched for another way to achieve his goal; which was to invent something that would really entertain people. He liked board games so his target became inventing one with a really novel theme. He realised that people are most fascinated by their own personality, an idea triggered by reading a book called “Know your own personality” by the famous psychologist Hans Eysenck, so that became the idea for Persuasion.

Eysenck’s book described the major personality types of Extrovert and Introvert that Andrew adapted into “Tough” and “Tender” because he felt that they were more basic so everyone is a mixture of them, which prevents anyone being too labelled by them. Then, to create a full picture of an individual’s personality, Andrew further developed two more opposing character pairs of “Head vs Heart, which became “Intellectual” and “Emotional/Physical”, and “Stable” and “Changeful”.

The look of the board itself was inspired by old war games where the masses of little hexagons represented a battleground where players were able to move in any of the six directions from any point on the board. As for the characteristics, it made sense to place them so that opposing characteristics lay opposite one another while two characteristics having something in common became neighbours. Examples of neighbours would be Emotional/Physical next to Changeful and Intellectual next to Stable.

In each segment there are 15 distinctive little groups of 7 hexagons that resemble flowers so they are known as “Florets”. They are labelled with traits within each characteristic such as “Flexible” in Changeful and “Methodical” in Stable. These two are positive traits so they earn a bonus for a player who lands in them while negative ones like “Impatient” in Changeful and “Shy” in tender would earn forfeits.

The current version is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and features all of the original elements, such as multiple personality paths, colourful graphics and compelling questions. As well as some exciting new features only made available with  new technology, such as allowing players to post their final score and summary on to Facebook and Twitter. There is also a website with a forum as well at

The app store link to the game is: -

Persuasion is a game that casual gamers and quiz fans will love: it’s such a unique and quirky game that will entertain even the biggest cynic.

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