Pockie Ninja II Social Battle Skills and Tactics

Get a head start in the art of Pockie Ninja II Social war with these hot tips from publisher NGames.

Launching this summer on Facebook, tactical simulation game Pockie Ninja II Social utilizes a meticulously designed battle system with an interesting twist. Brute force is no guarantee of victory here. Instead, players must recruit and command a balanced array of ninjas, with chosen combinations of the Naruto inspired characters having a direct effect on the outcome of combat.

A balanced class system gives players 3 unique flavors of ninja to use when constructing armies - Taijutsu, Ninja Tool, and Ninjutsu specialists. Much like a rock-paper-scissors strategy, each class of ninja restricts the abilities of another, meaning players must balance their army to ensure a winning formula.

Taijutsu ninjas are particularly effective against Ninja Tool, Ninja Tool are best used against Ninjutsu warriors, while Ninjutsu are the go-to combatants when faced with Taijutsu opponents.


The 3 classes come with their own specialist characters, who are either proficient at attacking, add steel to defensive lines, or offer a balance of attacking/defensive prowess.


Taijutsu ninjas have high HP but medium attack power.


(Tsundae, 4th Hokage, 4th Raikage)

When it comes to attacking with Taijutsu characters, Tsunade, 4th Hokage and 4th Raikage can offer the most devastating line of destruction.

Meanwhile, players should look towards Jiraiya and 3rd Hokage for a more balanced option, or Killer B for a defensive approach – though be weary of Killer B's low aggression rating when it comes to launching attacks.


(Jiraiya, 3rd Hokage)

Guillotine Drops, Erupts and Ultimate Destroyer Techniques are the most effective skills to call upon while using Taijutsu ninjas, with a Flying Thunder God Technique kept handy to attack back row enemies.

Ninja Tool

What Ninja Tool characters lack in attack power, they make up for in speed and attack range. Placing them strategically to use as snipers to take out the back row of enemies is a tactic with "win" written all over it.


(3rd Tsuchikage, Chiyo, Sasori)

Ninja Tool attack lines will benefit from 3rd Tsuchikage, Chiyo and Sasori of the Red Sand's prowess with the Atomic Dismantling Jutsu, Great Sickle Weasel Technique and Suicide Bomb skills.

Konan's powerful skill combined with Sacred Paper Emissary Kutsu will ensure a steady defence, while Zetsu and Deidara can offer a balanced approach by unleashing their Insect Sphere, Ultimate Iaido and Sand Binding Prison skills.


(Konan, Zetsu, Deidara)


Ninjutsu ninjas are the most powerful – and therefore most popular – type of warriors in Pockie Ninja II Social. A battle of 10 ninjas will usually include 4 Ninjutsu ninjas, with at least 2 of them having a direct focus on attack.


(Sasuke, Tobi, Orochimaru, Kakashi)

Sasuke, Tobi and Orochimaru are great choices to lead the Ninjutsu attack lines. Utilizing group attack options such as the Great Dragon Fire Technique and Lightening Tiger skills with these characters can potentially devastate an entire team of enemies in just a few turns.

Kakashi's skill will help with the Ninjutsu defence.

With many more skills and characters to use, Pockie Ninja II Social promises a deep tactical experience when it launches on Facebook this summer.

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About Pockie Ninja II Social

Launching this summer, Pockie Ninja II Social is an online Q-version social strategy game developed by NGames Co.Ltd. Inspired by storylines from the popular Naruto anime series, players will be able to interact, build and battle with iconic anime characters as they strive to create and dominate a new ninja world.

Pockie Ninja II Social tasks players with creating and managing their very own ninja village. Starting as the founder and leader of a community of ninjas, players can build their village from scratch, developing a strong economy and recruiting other ninjas to act as the village's offensive and defensive army.

Pockie Ninja II Social is the spiritual successor to the hugely popular MMO, Pockie Ninja.


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