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LANCASTER, UK - 12th August, 2010: With our first year as a trading company fast approaching, we’ve decided to give the Pure Square Go website a complete overhaul, changing, well, just about everything.

We’ve been flat out for much of this year, delivering top-notch professionally written content to our clients. We’ve written stories, characters and conducted design work for a secret EA project, we’ve helped Fishlabs create a stunning narrative for their blistering space opera, Galaxy on Fire 2, and we’ve polished in-game content for Chillingo’s output to a blinding sheen - to list just a few of our recent projects.

Hopefully our new site will help newcomers and existing clients to get at the information they need quickly, so we can get down to the business of creating professional stories, characters and objectives for our client’s games, with a minimum of fuss.

The style and layout of the website are completely new. The Clients section has been updated, the Services section has been completely re-written (including our new rates) and we’ve added a brand new section - Portfolio.

So if you are a games professional with the nagging suspicion that your game’s narrative needs to be raked across hot coals by a team of unflinching professionals, pay our site a visit and get in touch. All initial consultations are free and there’s no obligation to commission services for making enquiries into what we can offer you.

We’ve had a tremendous response from the clients we’ve worked with since we formed late last year, and we’re confident that you’ll be glad you got in touch with Pure Square Go. So come and have a GO if you think you’re SQUARE enough - it will almost certainly result in a satisfying ending for your project’s narrative.

What Pure Square Go can do for your project

All of the services below are delivered with the relevant design documentation, which is authored alongside any commission to ensure the implementation of the assets Pure Square Go creates, is straightforward for the developer. There is also extensive on-going conference call and face to face consultation factored into building each of the following types of content.

    <*>Objective design and creation. <*>Concept pitching and development. <*>Non-linear narrative creation <*>Game dialogue authoring <*>Character development and biographies <*>Universe creation (backstories, character and location descriptions, race histories/culture) <*>Pseudo-linear narratives <*>Contextual narrative implementation <*>Narrative enhancement <*>Narratively informed core game mechanics <*>In game narrative assets (such as collectible documents, incidental dialogue, in-game location names, item explanations and any environmental assets featuring text relevant to the game’s narrative) <*>Storyboarding <*>Proof reading and editing <*>Localisation - refining and editing existing English localisations/full German to English localisation <*>Narrative and design consultation services <*>Technical authoring <*>Design documentation authoring

How much it costs to hire Pure Square Go?

Due to the bespoke nature of our work we usually bill for time, rather than according to the type of work being commissioned– especially for larger projects. All consultations regarding fees are free, and we work on a case-by-case basis.

Our weekly base rates are broken down as follows:

1 week delivery commission to complete (based on full-time hours)–£1,500

2 week delivery commission to complete (based on full-time hours)–£2,750

3 week delivery commission to complete (based on full-time hours)–£3,650

4 week delivery commission to complete (based on full-time hours)–£4,600

For work that takes longer than one month to complete, we prefer to open a dialogue with the client so that we can discuss an agreement that tallies fairly against the scope and extent of the work being commissioned for all concerned.

We have no minimum stipulation for contract length or scale of commission. If you need a list of character biographies in a hurry, we're happy to step up. If you need something much more comprehensive than that, we're game for that too.

We are more than happy to travel around the country for regular site visits, so long as the scale of the commission makes it practical to do so. We enjoy working with both large and small companies.

If you’d like a free fixed quote for bespoke writing services, please send your inquiries to the contact address at the bottom of the page and we’ll get right back to you. You can also attach any relevant non-disclosure agreement documents for sign and return, should you require one to be in place before divulging details of the service you would like to commission.

About Pure Square Go

We believe that the boundaries between interactive entertainment and other forms of fiction are becoming increasingly blurred. We also believe that great stories transcend all mediums, including games. Ruthlessly efficient code, incredible 3D models, incendiary audio design and amazing artwork are only half of the whole picture.

Professionally written plots, characters, scripts, dialogue, story structures and narratively cohesive concepts are more essential now than ever, and require a very particular set of skills to create and implement. Whether you need a sharp and incisive non-linear narrative, a crystal clear design document or a thrilling sequence of objectives, Pure Square Go can add industry-leading content to your project at very reasonable rates.

Spanner Spencer and Fraser MacInnes, the two man team at Pure Square Go, have been creating different types of written content for games for the last six years. From script writing and design document authoring, to concept pitching and character creation, there isn’t much in the way of in-game written content that Pure Square Go’s team hasn’t had experience with.

Crucially, Fraser and Spanner both have years of journalism and games design consultancy experience between them, so when it comes to dreaming up in-game narrative content that cleverly informs interactive game mechanics, Pure Square Go is armed with weapons singularly designed for the purpose.

Web: http://PureSquareGoGames.com

Email: mail@PureSquareGoGames.com

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