Rooks Keep: The fighting/strategy game!


Sometime back in May 2011, we announced our first game, Rooks Keep:

"Rooks Keep is a game based on Chess, where players battle using brutal, animated pieces in a gothic, fantasy themed setting.

The blood, weapons and remains of the fallen litter the arena as players fight for glory in this barbaric take on Chess.

Knights decapitate, mighty Rooks smash their way through and Mages burst hapless Pawns like tomatoes. The etiquette of this game is sheer brutality!".

Well, we have some more exciting news for Rooks Keep to announce today, along with a video showing off some of the action!


Perhaps you thought Rooks Keep was just Chess with some fancy moving pieces and gore?

Well, we’re pleased to squash those fears (or dreams) and introduce the other side of Rooks Keep, the fighting game! It will indeed feature an expansive, interactive combat mode, where players will take direct control of the pieces and fight in pitched battles for victory.

In a variety of game-modes players can battle through fights with interactive combat, using quick and slow attacks, parrying, dodging and counter-attacks to out-maneuver the enemy. Players will be able to engage in this fighting game during standard Chess, or simply play with traditional rules. The attacker will still have an advantage, but a skilled fighter may actually fight back against the attacker and if victorious, the opposition loses their piece.

Rooks Keep will offer a selection of game-modes, including, Arena, Chess and Tournament modes to test your fighting prowess and more. We’ll be sure to detail the various modes in due course.

So there it is! And just to be clear, Rooks Keep will feature traditional Chess, various fighting game modes, Chess with fighting and more. It’s more of a strategy/fighting game hybrid inspired by Chess and set in gothic universe.

-RuneStorm homepage




-What is Rooks Keep?:

Rooks Keep is a Chess inspired strategy and fighting game hybrid. Players will take control of a set of unique, animated warriors and desecrate the dignified decorum of traditional turn-based strategy games. Although inspired by Chess, Rooks Keep will feature fighting game mechanics, alternative game types as well as a number of other twists.


-Fighting/Strategy Game:

Rooks Keep combines the tactical strategy of Chess, with brutal fighting game mechanics. Players can play in traditional Chess, or Fighting Chess, Arena modes and more.

-Animated Pieces:

Choose one of several unique factions and battle it out in Chess and other modes with a variety of animated warriors. Pieces will fall, blood will spill and heads will be lopped off in a viscious twist on strategy games.

-Gothic Fantasy Theme:

The war-games will be fought in detailed, full 3D environments, set in a Gothic fantasy world. Rooks Keep will feature a diverse array of maps and environments in which to commit horrific acts upon you opponents.

-Multiplayer & AI:

Players will be able to fight against each other in traditional multiplayer or duke it out with the AI opponent. Alternatively, players can simply play on the same computer in the Chess mode.

-Unreal Tech:

With the power of the Unreal™ engine behind it, Rooks Keep will deliver spectacular visuals to truly bring the game to life. From the eager and animated warriors, to the looming architecture in the background, Rooks Keep aims to bring new life and death to Chess.


-Who is RuneStorm?:

RuneStorm is a small team of three brothers based in South Africa. We got started modding many years ago, but our first public mod release was "Ballistic Weapons" for Unreal Tournament 2004 in 2005. Ballistic quickly grew into one of UT2004's most acclaimed modifications. We later moved into Unreal Tournament 3, with the purpose of developing for the "Make Something Unreal Contest". With that we started work on "The Crucible" mod.

We won a total 10 prizes throughout the contest length, including two 1st prizes, and even made it to the finals.

Rooks Keep is our first commercial project, built on the technology we are most familiar with.



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