Rude Gameware Study Indicates Your New Dorm Mate May Be Trying to Drive You Insane

Jupiter, Florida- August 20, 2010 - A new study completed by the wannabe gaming industry research group, Rude Gameware, has concluded that 44% of all college students have a strong desire to drive their roommates mad in hopes of getting their dorm room all to themselves. The study, conducted at Rude Gameware's super top-secret Jupiter, Florida headquarters, also determined that heading off to school with a pair of Primal Gaming and Audio Headsets (ironically, manufactured by Rude Gameware) could be the difference between a semester of bliss and a number of unwelcome visits from the campus police.

Subjects participating in the study spent a week in living quarters designed to simulate luxurious college dorm rooms - cramped 10' by 10' spaces with cold, grey concrete walls, moldy mattresses, and a potpourri of the local Florida insect community. All the test rooms were equipped with MP3 players loaded with a selection of Lady Gaga tracks that had been recorded at double-speed, mixed with Ukrainian polka music. However, only half these rooms were also equipped with 42" high definition televisions, Xbox 360s, and a pair of Primal Wireless Headsets.

Participants in the gaming rig equipped rooms passed the days of the study peacefully, playing relaxing games such as Left 4 Dead. Subjects staying in rooms that only had the MP3 players usually did not make it through an entire day before attacking their roommates, or crawling into a fetal position with hands clamped on their ears while chanting "LA LA LA... I CAN'T HEAR YOU" over and over again.

Not only did the Primal PC Gaming Headsets drown out any cacophony in the tiny living spaces, they also enhanced gaming and music enjoyment by packing a unique force feedback feature to amplify bass and other sound effects. Not only will you be able to sense where threats are coming from, you'll get cleaner, crisper sound in game to drown out any annoying sounds your roommate may make, such as breathing. The headset also comes with a detachable noise canceling microphone, so you can communicate with teammates or talk smack about your pwnage of your fellow players.

"I think the findings of this study are going to be invaluable to parents sending their kids to college for the first time, as well as Rude Gameware's bottomline," commented Michael Epstein, Chief Rude Officer. "If you're going to pay $82,000 to send your kid to school, be smart and pay the extra $50 or $100 for a good set of Primal Gaming and Audio Headphones."

About Primal Gaming Audio Headphones for the Xbox 360&PC

Designed to comfort any extended gaming sessions, the Primal PC and Wireless Xbox gaming headsets have extra padding in the adjustable headband and soft fabric that completely encloses the ear, reducing any strain on the user. Even better, you don't have to feel tied solely to the computer; simply detach the microphone and you have premium headphones that can be used with an MP3 player, home theater system or portable game system. That means you get excellent sound wherever you go, whether it's in the quad, the library or common areas when your roommate needs some time to "study."

Speaking of not being tied down, the Primal Wireless Headset and Mic for the Xbox 360 is the only completely cordless headset for the gaming console. There are no cords for your roommate to trip on or get tangled with controllers, and its signal won't interfere with wi-fi adapters or other wireless items. As a result, you get incredibly sharp sound from over 25 feet away, and the wireless mic allows you to talk as much trash as you want. The Wireless Headset's over the ear design is cushioned along with the padded, fully adjustable headband for long gaming sessions. They can also be detached and used as a wireless headset for any MP3 player or for watching TV late at night as loud as you want without waking up your roommate.

Both Primal Headsets are available now from Rude Gameware at as well as numerous retailers such as Newegg, TigerDirect, Amazon, and Frys. The Primal PC Gaming Headset is $49.95 and the Primal Wireless Headset and Mic for the Xbox 360 is $99.95.

About Rude Gameware

Rude Gameware is the newest enterprise launched by a team of gaming industry veterans.

Rude Gameware focuses on unique features and functions that are strictly for gamers

combined with distinctive style that represents the gaming culture that we've been a part of for over 10 years. For more information on the complete line of Rude products and a list of local retailers, please visit us at

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We know what you're thinking. Those clever folks at Rude Gameware have put something down here in the legal mice type again that might make you snort milk out of your nose. So you're glaring at your screen - magnifying glass in hand - hoping to partake in more of Rude Gameware's unusual wit. Sorry to disappoint... but it's late and we have to head down to our local Czech polka music club.

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