Space Quest Creators Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy Launch Guys From Andromeda Game Studio

Celebrated Sierra adventure game authors Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, both long time veterans of the PC and video games business , have teamed up again to form Guys from Andromeda LLC - a new studio devoted to returning a sense of wonder, sci-fi adventure and some much needed laughs to gaming. The independent studio will utilize a “fan-funded” model to launch its first few titles with the goal of building a successful, self-sustaining studio  to produce original games and sequels tailored towards a loyal and ever-expanding fan base.

SpaceVenture  is the working title of their first fan-funded project-  a point-n-click adventure game in the spirit of the wildly successful and beloved Space Quest  series. The new game will feature the same style of sci-fi comedy, wonder and excellence fans have come to expect from a Two Guys Adventure.

To raise funds for their initial offering, The Two Guys have launched a Kickstarter campaign with a $500,000 funding goal: SpaceVenture Kickstarter

Mark and Scott have also enlisted the services of, and have joined forces with social media professional Chris Pope of Social Stars Web as their publicist and business partner.

About SpaceVenture

SpaceVenture is a sci-fi comedy adventure game that combines interplanetary exploration, puzzle-solving, and space travel- not to mention “pant loads” of pop culture satire and some good, clean “potty” humor.

When the spaceport “facilities” are backed up and stuff’s about to hit the fan...

When someone’s darling little spawn tries to flush their pet Narblitz down the john...

When your life support ducts are in need  of , support...

Its time to call in a professional!

Enter Ace Hardway - plumber to the stars. An intergalactic Mr. Fix-it armed with his trusty wrench, duct tape, and an impressive ‘norge’, Ace fearlessly plunges into adventure, rooting-out trouble wherever he smells it. Yeah... unclogging wormholes is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

With SpaceVenture , Scott and Mark want to take you on a journey to new worlds, with a great story, fascinating new characters , new challenges and, of course, tons of side-splitting humor; all the stuff fans worldwide have come to expect from a Two Guys Adventure. No sci-fi/fantasy related movie, series or video game is safe from Scott and Mark’s brand of satire. “We’re looking at you Avatar, Firefly, and Halo.”

The game will play, look, sound and feel  every bit like it was cut from the same cloth as their previous creations, ONLY MUCH BETTER in every way!  ‘The Guys’ have learned a thing or two over the years and tech has improved since the 90s.

Key Game Aspects:

•       Switchable Rolls – play as Ace Hardway & Rooter ,his  K9 robo-mutt  and in some parts of the game as Ace’s imaginary video game hero Cluck Y’Egger!

•       Hilarious Death Sequences – rather than being a punishment for failure, you’ll actually be rewarded for finding all the unusual and hilarious ways to die - earning extra points and achievements - without having to “save/restore” your progress. Dying will be FUN... promise!

•       Navigate your own ship through the SpaceVenture galaxy.  Explore a non-linear universe and even engage in hilarious dogfight sequences*  that poke fun at the space combat genre.      *optional

Stellar Voice Talent

SpaceVenture will feature some of the most well-known voice actors working in the animation and video game businesses today. Heading up our roster of top-flight voice talent will be the legendary “man with the golden pipes,”  Mr. Gary Owens -  reprising his role as everyone’s favorite space adventure narrator.

Joining Gary is an impressive cast of talent whose work  will be instantly recognizable to millions of cartoon fans and gamers.

Gary Owens  - Narrator from Space Quest 4 and 6, voice of Space Ghost, Laugh-in, and many, many others in a long and distinguished career.

Rob Paulsen - Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Yakko from Animaniacs, Raphael the Ninja Turtle, and multiple characters from Monkey Island among many other characters he has voiced.

Robert Clotworthy – Jim Raynor from StarCraft 1 & 2, Senator Evran & Supreme Chancellor from Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Narrator of The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, Big Bang Theory, etc.

Ellen McLain - GLaDOS from Portal 1 & 2, Overwatch from Half-Life 2, Administrator from Team Fortress 2, Witch from Left for Dead 2 and many more.

John Patrick Lowrie - Sniper from Team Fortress 2, Sword Control from Halo Reach, Citizens from Half-Life 2 and author of Dancing with Eternity.

About the Two Guys from Andromeda

Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, aka the legendary Two Guys from Andromeda, are the creators of the Space Quest  series of adventure games produced in the late 80’s /early 90s by Sierra.

During the development of their first game (S pace Quest I), Mark and Scott, uncomfortable with the idea of becoming frontmen for their game, invented alien personas as a way to poke fun at their impending notoriety. But, the gimmick stuck and actually helped rocket them both to superstar game designer status.

The Two Guys’ successful formula of sci-fi satire, topical humor, environmental puzzles and cinematic storytelling made all 6 Space Quest games a hit with adventure fans. Their games have endured the test of time to become cherished classics.

Scott Murphy

A 20+ year veteran of the PC entertainment software business, Scott was with Sierra Online from its earliest beginnings in the original Oakhurst, California office. Beginning his career as a dealer returns representative, then moving to Customer Support (since they were in the same office), he eventually became manager of that department. When the company moved to a new facility, he was exposed to the programming department and was bitten hard by the bug to make games. Convincing Ken Williams to give him a try, he worked after hours at Ken’s house well into the wee hours on The Black Cauldron, a project for Disney. It was there he and Mark Crowe met and began sharing their interesting views of what games were and what they COULD be. Both having a strong interest in sci-fi, the path quickly formed. Once The Black Cauldron released, the duo had some downtime and brainstormed a demo of the game they wanted to make - which ended up being the first scenes of Space Quest 1.  After wrangling Ken Williams from the hallway to come view their handiwork, the duo got a lukewarm “Okay” ... and the rest has become entertainment software history.

In between Space Quests, Scott lent his talents to several other projects including: King’s Quest conversions, Ecoquest 2, and Police Quest 4. After the Oakhurst studio was cut loose from the Sierra monolith, Scott left to enjoy some much-needed relief from the burn-out toll the many years had taken. Since then, he has actively stayed in touch with fans through social media - gathering opinions of the games both good and bad (but far more the former), as well as debating the merits of point-and-click versus parser interfaces. 

In recent years, Scott  has  nobly taken on the responsibility of primary caregiver for his mother in the southern region of the U.S. - where his hobbies have become studying hurricanes up close and personal, as well as, searching for ‘the missing link’ at the local Walmart Superstore.

Mark Crowe

A 30 year veteran of the PC and console games business, Mark, for the past 12 years, was the Studio Design Director for Pipeworks Software and the creative visionary behind such titles as the Godzilla® brawler series (1, 2 and 3) , a reimagining of the arcade Classic Rampage: Total Destruction, the movie-based action/adventure game Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian and several other studio successes.

Mark brings a wealth of game development experience to GFA, having worked successfully with many talented development teams over the years to realize his visions.  In addition, mark has gained a lot of experience working directly with IP licensors and publisher clients such as Disney, Toho, Activision, THQ, Atari, MTV, and Midway Games.  Visit Moby Games for a complete list of Mark’s credits spanning his entire career.

Fueled by a desire to get back to his adventure game roots, Mark recently made the decision to leave Pipeworks to embark on this new and exciting adventure with his old creative partner Scott Murphy and form Guys from Andromeda LLC, with the intent to develop multiple games based on original IP.

About Chris Pope

Chris Pope is a social media expert that has worked with some of the most well known and loved voice talent in the video gaming industry. He has worked specifically in helping provide social media promotions for the entertainment industry. Chris also has numerous industry recognized technology certifications that he has gained over the last 15 years.

Being a major Space Quest fan for the last 25 years as well as a Sierra adventuring gaming fan in general, it has always been his dream to help bring the genre back for future generations to enjoy. Part of Chris's vow for the company is to make sure the "Two Guys" get to make the game they want to make, but also allow the fans to interact with them as much as possible.  

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