SpeedRunners ARG King of Speed was a great success with over 150,000 matches played during the Holidays!

We denied it's existence, yet people figured out the SpeedRunners ARG. During the Holidays held the King of Speed Tournament. 

During the 2 weeks leading up to January 1st, over 150,000 online matches of SpeedRunners were played, in which we tracked progress of each character. Each online-based match with only human players added a point to whichever character won. 

(note: 150,000 matches count online, it doesn't count any local matches, or matches with bots included. So the overall amount of SpeedRunners played is actually much higher)

ARG rundown:

  • When we launched King of Speed, there was a twitter account in the stats screen
  • The account was linked to KingOfSpeed.tv which is the coverage website for King of Speed - a reality TV show existing in the SpeedRunners universe
  • The website is run by Tweetch.tv - the parent company
  • Tweetch is password locked
  • Through playing the game enough, users uncovered a way to crack the password 
  • When logged in, you get medical profiles (embedded lower) of all contestants (SpeedRunners characters) and an employee handbook 
  • The handbook revealed how to unlock the game's most requested feature, allowing those who figured it out to seemingly become gods of the Roulette -- "Game Options"
  • You could trigger custom game settings, allowing you to make rockets always fly from the sky, everyone to run super fast, etc.
We've decided to use the ARG to unveil a major game feature, and it took exactly 6 days for people to figure out. We believe tying it with something like a point-counter for all character allowed us to have a real tournament between players.

Cosmonaut Comrade won btw, and now we have a lot of players from Russia. Like twice as much. Coincidence?! 

He now wears a silly crown. He is proud of it. 

We are very happy with the reception of the tournament, the new feature, and the ARG. It was absolutely shocking to see the number of games WON per character.

SpeedRunners is both an online and offline multiplayer game, and as indie developers we are convinced that if you're going to do a multiplayer game - you'd better make it work online as well. It's incredibly difficult to do online, especially with a very small team. But seriously, it's worth it. Invest into it, don't restrict your game to offline only. 

King of Speed Employee Handbook is a useful read on the universe of SpeedRunners

Here are the medical profiles of SpeedRunners characters

The glossary to help with medical stuff:
  • I. King of Speed
An annual racing tournament that takes place in New Rush City
  • II. New Rush City
New Rush City is the largest sound-stage on the planet! Over one hundred square kilometers of carefully maintained artificial city
  • III. Tweetch
King of Speed’s gracious parent company. A humble family-founded trading business in the 18th century, Tweetch’s honest, hard-working philosophies has built them into the face of wholesome entertainment today.
  • IV. Runners
Runners are contestants in the annual King of Speed tournament!
  • V. Boost-pads
Boost pads appear around New Rush City and feature heavily in the King of Speed tournaments. Acting as regulated vectors of recycled turbotine.
  • VI. Turbotine
Turbotine is a boosting vapor synthesized from fastronium concentrate. Completely harmless in regulated doses, we strongly advise against recreational usage in Turbotine without consulting a medical


  • VII. Fastronium
Fastronium is a rare earth mineral, and an expensive commodity in the energy industry. The mineral is used as the primary boosting catalyst in most modern swiftanium-based power plants.
  • VIII. Swiftanium
Swiftanium is a naturally occurring ore that becomes agitated when it comes into contact with velocitine at a temperature over 138* centigrade.
  • IX. Velocitine
Velocitine can be a volatile substance when boiled to a temperature of 138* centigrade, but is otherwise a priority ingredient in synthesizing everyday household boostanoids.
  • X. Boostanoids
Boostanoids are a synthesized compound used in speed-focused medicines to increase the human body’s natural quickophyllic output.
  • XI. Quickophyl
Quickophyl is the body’s natural counter enzyme to Sleepanol.e
  • XII. Sleepanol
Sleepanol is an speedacylic acid secreted from the sprintamino glands when the body is producing carbon quickahol at a speedier rate than it can digest into runnage.
SpeedRunners on Steam
So is SpeedRunners taking place in a sadistic universe where people are being drugged and experimented on to run really fast for the sakes of entertainment? Who would come up with this stuff. Silly. We'll probably reveal what's actually going on in a a later ARG. 

Happy Russian Christmas! (that's today, look it up)



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