Voyage Century Online: War, Combat, Trade

We believe many rookies will be at their wits' end figuring out what must be done and how to realize quick character progress at the moment you start playing a MMORPG game. Now, the Voyage Century Online team is making fast progress even easier by tailor-making three progress routes to get you off to a good start.

Ships in VCO usually fall into three main categories, Warship, Raider and Merchant Ship. Warships boast extraordinary performance in naval combat due to the extensive Gun Emplacement they have. Raiders sail at a high speed with the most sailors on board. They are an excellent choice for close combat. Merchant Ships are for trade. When looking at a ship’s health, Merchant Ships have the most HP, Warship second most and Raiders have the least. However, the population of sailors on Raiders is the highest. Warships are staffed by fewer sailors, and Merchant Ships have the fewest. So, depending on your preferred style of play, practical strategies can be worked out for any of these 3 classes of ships.

Progress with Raiders :

1. Buy a new ship from the Shipyard Boss at the dock. Transform this ship into a level 1 Raider with two pieces of wood and two bars of iron with help from the Shipyard Boss.

2. Players can find helpful posts in VCO’s forum guiding them to locate the Level 1 Finding at sea. Just remember to make sure you have enough sailors and supplies on board.

3. The location of the Level 1 Finding will keep flashing. Set sail to the center of the flashing area and send 5 to 10 sailors to discover this Level 1 Finding.

4. After getting control of the Level 1 Finding, players will accumulate much gold which can be used to open most of the European Maps. Then go to the Shipyard in Genoa to transform the current Raider into a level 2 Raider while also tracking the Level 2 Finding. Do not stop repeating this circle until all the Findings at all levels have been found.

5. Using a Raider may require players to have certain naval fighting and navigation skills. Players can even have a go at a Dragon Head Gunboat to improve these required skills.

Progress with Warships :

1. You don’t need to do any transformation to these ships. Dragon Head Gunboats are available completely prepared for battle on the high seas.

2. You will get exp by killing pirates on the Crete Battlefield. It will help you a lot if you buy special Cannon Balls in the four newbie cities.

3. When your naval war level goes up, it is the time for you to learn the Guard skill and to survive the cruel war.

4. Be advised, your ship must be outfitted with special sailing gear to reduce the damage inflicted upon the sailors on board.

5: When you are at a high level, you can use high level Mines to kill fish when it blows up. Five players who team up to do this will get a lot of EXP.

Progress route with Merchant Ships:

1. You set sail by Dragon Head Gunboat to do trade and find the origin of goods.

2. You will get money and EXP by selling goods.

3. Pay attention to some rare goods that are produced in two faraway cities. In this case, you will get the profits for selling the goods in the nearest city.

4. When you are at a high level, you can learn Purchasing to buy high level goods.

5. You must team up to do trade. Skilled merchants prefer sailing on small boats and doing trade. If you are in a team, you can make it much easier to trade by just doing what others do and ask whenever you feel puzzled or something is misunderstood.

For more help, check this link.

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