Wonderland Online: Want Power? Take a Potential Pill!

Though there are many wondrous new items in Clash of Champions, the latest version of Wonderland Online ( http://wl.igg.com), the most talked about is a medicinal marvel known as the Potential Pill. Players can use it to tap into their hidden potential, but as with many wonder drugs, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

Risk vs. Reward

A Potential Pill is an item used to awaken the potential power of a character, human pet or mount. If the treatment is successful, attribute points are automatically added, but if unsuccessful, points that have been added by a pill may be deducted. For instance, if a player uses the pill to add attribute points and then learns a new skill, the new skill will be removed as a result of attribute point losses if the player takes another pill but fails to access their next potential level. Potential pills cannot be traded and are instantly destroyed if discarded.

Using a Potential Pill

Potential Pills can be used on a player’s character, human pets or even mounts. There are 12 potential levels that can be unlocked. If a player uses a Potential Pill to increase the attribute points of their pet, however, then the pet cannot then be traded.

If the Potential Pill works, an appropriate number of attribute points are added to all attributes. The higher the potential level you attempt to unlock, the greater the risk of failure. The success rate from Level 1 to Level 3 is 100%, but after that the chances of failure increase. The number of points gained at each level upon success is shown below. At potential level 12, each attribute would gain a total of 48 additional points.

Attribute Points Awarded by Level

Potential Level Points per Attribute

1 1

2 1

3 1

4 1

5 2

6 3

7 4

8 5

9 6

10 7

11 8

12 9


When a character levels up in the game, they earn 3 attribute points. When you add points gained from Potential Pills, a character’s total attribute points can really skyrocket! For example, if a player uses Potential Pills on their character, at Level 12 they could end up with 240 attribute points, which is equal to the power of a Level 80 character. A pet using these points would end up with power equal to a Level 240 pet.

Not All Pets Are Created Equal

If a quest pet with unlocked potential leaves the player’s team because its amity is too low or the player dismisses it, then when they get it back it will retain its previous potential power. On the other hand, pets a player gets in battle or from the Item Mall lose their potential power once they leave, even if the player gets them back later.

With so much to gain, it’s no wonder players are eager to unlock the potential of their characters and pets. Log in today to take advantage of the power of Potential Pills!

Visit the official Wonderland Online site at http://wl.igg.com for the latest game info and more. Visit http://www.igg.com to learn about IGG’s growing family of games.


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IGG Press Team

SkyUnion LLC


Tel: +86(591)87767608

Fax: +86(591)87275280 

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