Your school, your faction, your duty: Age of Wulin’s many ways of creating a lively sandbox MMO gaming world which even turns players into spies

Dublin, Ireland – March 15 th, 2013 – Players of Age of Wulin, the upcoming martial arts MMORPG by   Gala Networks Europe and Snail Games, can immerse themselves in a dense web of MMO driven game features, as well as many gameplay elements that also can be enjoyed individually: on the MMO side, guilds and all their features, including the option of acquiring and defending even whole group castles, will obviously keep players busy with plenty of gaming duties, as well as social commitments. On the other hand, each player’s faction – the school/sect, from which players learn the real arts of Kung Fu – offers and demands additional commitment. Players will not only be asked to support their sect, but can also engage themselves in various duties and tasks to strengthen their school’s position within the Jianghu – which even includes the option of reporting for spying activities.

In addition to offering skill development, experience, reputation and money for personal character, each sect offers its members the option to actively spy on other sects, and gain additional knowledge and skills from them. Players can accept regular spying quests and will be sent out to the perimeters of other sects, where they can approach both NPCs and offline players to secretly gather confidential information.

Consequently, spying players get access to three additional skills: the first skill allows players to gather and steal an information scroll, while ensuring the risk of being discovered is relatively low. The second skill enables players to get hold of more scrolls, but also carries a greater risk of being discovered. The third skill can be used to stun patrols and guards, should a spy fear they are about to be exposed.

Additional options allow players to even distract guards and patrols by, for example, throwing stones.

These scrolls can later be used to develop the sect’s internal skills, and also opens the possibility for players to access higher ranks within their school.

Conversely, players also have the opportunity to sign up for guard duties. Each school’s temple or perimeter is secured by a number of patrolling characters: official NPC guards, players who are online and actively guarding a school, and characters of players who are offline and have signed up for patrolling and scouting.

Another option is to rob scrolls from other sect members. This will allow players to learn and perform skills from other sects.

Players will find that, technically, spying on some schools will be easier than on others: depending on the manner in which each temple and perimeter is constructed, some locations offer better opportunities for covert action than others. Within some faction perimeters, due to their rather open and scattered constructions, players will even be able to ride their mounts while invading the territory.

However, to get the full rewards, players will have to earn their merits by successfully spying on all schools.

Depending on how actively players engage in both spying and patrolling duties, they can enable both their faction’s community as a whole, as well as their personal character, to reach higher ranks within certain skills, and also strengthen the whole group’s position in sect wars and other confrontations.

Spying and guarding activities, although being able to keep players busy by filling their schedules with a huge number of tasks, actually represent only a small proportion of options and activities that players can get tied into when playing the martial arts MMORPG Age of Wulin. School-factions and their reputation play an important role within the game world, but are just one piece in the puzzle within the open-world gameplay experience:  players also focus on things such as the development of their personal character, their personal rank within each school, story questing, professions (even a game-internal economy), guilds, teams and groups, instances and raids, ranking and competition. Players can also explore the open world by freely roaming through medieval China.

Gala Networks Europe will soon present additional game features in more detail.

Age of Wulin is an epic free to play MMORPG set in Imperial China, which revolves around the lore and practice of Chinese martial arts within the Wuxia universe. Gamers can join eight different sects, each with their own unique style of combat, and experience deep character development. Players will not be bound by traditional level systems, but will instead have the freedom to choose how they want to master their character by acquiring skills. Freedom of choice is a theme that runs throughout Age of Wulin as players can choose their professions and whether they wish to live good, evil, or neutral lives. The choices made will ultimately determine many different outcomes and provide for a personalized story, which is unique for every player.  Age of Wulin will offer a unique MMORPG experience in a gigantic open world, including ground breaking new PvP and PvE features, such as guild warfare mass PvP battles for up to 1,300 players.

Age of Wulin will be available in English, French and German in 2013 from the portal, with closed beta tests starting in spring of 2013.

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