ZiGGURAT Available Now. iOS Players Worldwide Cannot Possibly Be Prepared

San Francisco, 21st of February 2012 – Independent game development studio Action Button Entertainment and production house Freshùu today unveiled ZiGGURAT for iPhone and iPad. If you're reading this, someone is paying $.99 to download ZiGGURAT from the App Store right now. 

[ http://www.freshuu.com/appstore/download/wi-en]

ZiGGURAT places you atop a stratospheric pyramid, with only two things: a massive laser rifle and absolutely no hope or expectation of surviving an onslaught of leaping, cycloptic, crystal-covered alien freaks. You are the Last Human On Earth, fighting to die believing you were the Last Human In The Universe. 

As the enemies jump up and down, their eyeballs grow and shrink. As you keep your finger on the screen to steady your aim, your blast grows and shrinks. The bigger the bullet and the bigger the eyeball, the bigger the explosion. Big explosions envelop other eyeballs and become enormous explosions. Then there are the guys that are four times bigger than the other guys.

Rather than borrow the familiar slingshot mechanic from Angry Birds, ZiGGURAT is controlled entirely via horizontal sweeps on the bottom edge of the screen -- this way, players don't have to obscure the action by tapping their fingers all over the screen, like in many other iOS games.

ZiGGURAT is chaotic: it's going to freak you out. You'll want to survive long enough to see the sun set in the background, to see what happens when the moon comes out, to hear the music sweep in and out of alternating epic and quiet movements.

Available on Bandcamp, Andrew Toups and Large Prime Numbers' music track for ZiGGURAT is an infectious and mind-bending experience unlike any other – the very soul of the game. The track is five minutes, forty-six seconds long. It eventually arrives at a crashing crescendo - and then silence, allowing the player to savor the post-game high-speed high-score frenzy. We estimate it'll take players six stone-cold addicted hours to witness the spectacular conclusion.

[ http://actionbutton.bandcamp.com]

And even then -- when the music stops and the universe ends, the onslaught continues. There are achievements. There are leaderboards. The game tracks players' own scores down to the minutest details. And at the end of every game is an all-important numeral-free narrative:

"Before dying, you managed to kill one hundred and eight of the alien freaks who killed everybody else."

Why did we make this? Because we love old games, and don't particularly like the way everybody trying to recapture "classic gaming" on iOS  gives players a frustrating on-screen directional pad and virtual buttons. ZiGGURAT is as nuanced in its friction as the original Super Mario Bros. and perfectly suited for our fast-paced achievements-loaded iOS era. ZiGGURAT has the graphics of a SNES game and music arranged in the NES format, because we unabashedly love how classic games look and feel.

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdV9B5vh4jA]


Action Button Entertainment is located a block from Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California. This means they both shop at the same supermarket and eat at the same diners, so they're probably equally as talented. Not convincing enough? Well, the writing of founder and game design director tim rogers has been featured in gaming publications for a decade, and regularly writes columns and features for Kotaku.com. His game industry career has seen him working at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and as a game designer at Grasshopper Manufacture in Tokyo, makers of the No More Heroes series. He also "plays" guitar and "sings" in Oakland-based rock band Large Prime Numbers.

Action Button Entertainment Orchestra Composer In Residence Andrew Toups plays keyboard in and writes songs for a band called Brass Bed, whose music you might have heard in the closing half-second of a Target commercial running on US network television throughout the 2011 holiday season.

[ http://www.zggrt.com]


Founded by Lik Sang driving force Pascal Clarysse, along with entrepreneur extraordinaire Paul Chen (Bleem, Chainsaw Controller, Rovio) and industry veteran Bernie Stolar (Atari, Mattel, SCEA, SEGA), Freshùu brings over a century of combined industry expertise in gaming, hardware design, and Internet with market leaders and pioneering start-ups.


Members of the team have participated in designing and launching a wide range of diverse gaming products, such as Guitar Hero, Atari VCS, Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, the Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller, the Street Fighter Anniversary Stick, Bleemcast!, Smartjoy FRAG. 

[ www.freshuu.com



[ http://www.freshuu.com/appstore/download/wi-en]


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