15 Days

James Batchelor

15 Days

15 DAYS follows a group of Robin Hood-like political activists who steal art from national galleries and donate their millions to charity.

It’s the latest imaginative effort from Mamba Games, which has carved a niche in the budget PC game market with a series of titles including point and click adventure Black Mirror II and war simulation Kharkov 1943.

Mamba says the narrative boasts two parallel storylines allowing action to rotate quickly between the four main characters, making the game faster paced than other titles in the publisher’s line-up. It also boasts 2.5-dimensional backgrounds with 3D characters.


Developer House of Tales has previous experience in the adventure games market with a back catalogue of IP including Overclocked – A History of Violence, The Mystery of the Druids and The Moment of Silence.

15 Days revolves around Cathryn, Mike and Bernard – art thieves who sell on priceless pieces to give aid to development projects in Africa and other charities.
A US special agent Jack Stern also crosses their path, who is investigating a murder.

The game features a range of locales from Cape Town to Rhodes and even the London Museum – where the game’s protagonists must steal a painting of Winston Churchill.

With its unique storyline, advanced lighting and graphical effects and cult appeal, 15 Days is set to capture the attention of PC adventure gamers when it’s released on June 25th.


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