A Shadow's Tale

Will Freeman

A Shadow's Tale

Konami’s A Shadow’s Tale puts players in control of the shadow of a small boy, who was separated from its owner by a mysterious enemy. Now the shadow must climb to the top of a tower in a bid to return to its body.

Using the shadows that are cast onto the back wall of the games’ spaces, players walk the line of the dark/light divide and must avoid being dissolved by darkness or banished by light. 

Consumers continue through stages by collecting specific items and are joined on their quest by a small winged creature known as a Spangle, which can be used to change the 3D world to aid the 2D world of shadow.

With over 50 levels of challenging landscapes for players and their shadows to move across, A Shadow’s Tale establishes itself as one of the most unorthodox, engaging platformers available on Wii.


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