A4T PS3 headset range

Dominic Sacco

A4T PS3 headset range


THE ENTRY-LEVEL 4Gamers-branded headset includes 40mm speaker drivers and channel frequency separation. This allows for a true quality stereo experience – whether the game is an action-packed shooter like Call of Duty: Black Ops or a fun creativity title such as LittleBigPlanet.

It comes with a four metre connection cable and an in-line dual volume control that allows players to separately adjust online chat and gameplay audio volumes.

An oxygen-free cable ensures sound quality is at a maximum while the lightweight ‘earcups’ boast soft fibre cushions for improved comfort. These can also be removed and transported in their own accompanying pouch.

The microphone itself can be easily adjusted and comes with its own mute function, allowing gamers to instantly block unwanted noise. With its quality speakers, comfortable headphones and adjustable microphone, the CP-Pro is the ideal entry-level headset for online and offline PS3 gamers.


BOASTING all of the features of the entry-level CP-Pro, the CP-NC1 also comes with its own range of additional features.

The headset gets a noise-cancelling microphone mode which automatically minimises background noise. This mode cuts in when the user is playing and chatting over the internet while experiencing a particularly noisy in-game level or listening to a loud opponent.

This means unwanted noise such as heavy breathing can be instantly removed, allowing the user to concentrate on the music, gunfire and action right in front of them.

4Gamers’ mid-range headset also benefits from 40mm neodymium alloy speaker drivers which provide an even higher level of sound quality than the CP-Pro.

With better components and the noise-cancelling microphone, these extra features warrant the CP-NC1’s slightly higher price tag.


FOR GAMERS looking for a real top-of-the-range PS3 headset, the CP-NC2 offers a selection of premium features that make it one of the best on the market.

This headset includes electronic dual volume controls as well as high quality 54mm neodymium speaker drivers.

It boasts noise-cancelling headphones, which, when used together with the noise-cancelling microphone, block out unwanted noise to an extremely accurate level.

4Gamers’ CP-NC2 headset also allows gamers to use the device with other audio sources such as stereos, computers and MP3 players.

Owners simply detach the microphone and PS3 connection cable, then use the bundled audio lead to plug the headset into a gadget of their choice.

If that’s not enough, all the connections are gold-plated for improved connectivity, and the headset comes bundled with an aeroplane adaptor ideal for gamers who travel.


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