Alice: Madness Returns

Dominic Sacco

Alice: Madness Returns

American McGee’s Alice was a critical smash hit when it was released in 2000.

11 long years later and McGee is back with Alice: Madness Returns.

Players once again take the part of Alice, who is struggling to recover from the trauma of losing her entire family in a fire. The last game ended with Alice’s release from the insane asylum where she was incarcerated, and this time, the action starts when she is under the care of a psychiatrist.

Players are challenged with finding the real cause of her family’s death, with the action moving from gloomy and dank London, where Alice discovers repressed memories about the night her parents died, to the bright and challenging Wonderland. Here players must guide Alice to save its residents and herself from the madness.

EA’s UK product manager Alice Brandvik said: “Alice in Wonderland is one of the most adapted and referenced works in mass media from The Matrix to James Joyce, Radiohead to Nabokov.

“Her popularity is still evident with audiences showing an appetite for all things Wonderland. American McGee’s Alice was also a cult hit with over 1m units of the original PC game sold around the world to date.

“Alice: Madness Returns stays true to the original game with all the fantastically beautiful environments and familiar – if slightly twisted – characters you’d expect from the title.”

The game boasts ‘intense third person action,’ complete with upgradeable weapons (including the Teapot Cannon), and magical powers such as the ability to float, shrink and grow.

Its distinctive art style, which depicts a shattered Wonderland, is being used to promote the game.

Brandvik added: “We’ll be aiming to make the most of the beautiful artwork and intriguing storyline surrounding Alice: Madness Returns throughout our campaign with online takeovers, print ads and  some more unusual hands-on activity to get consumers playing the game before its release.”

Who the F*** is Alice?

Madness Returns is the sequel to dark PC third person adventure American McGee’s Alice, which told the story of Alice after the second novel, Through the Looking Glass.

The original game was released in 2000 and became a cult hit. It sold over 1m units and has a Metacritic score of 85. The man behind it is game designer American McGee who has worked on Doom and Quake.

In 2000, director Wes Craven signed on to develop a film based on the series. Sarah Michelle Gellar was also involved but the project has yet to come to fruition.

EA’s festival tea party

Live music fans will be able to take part in ‘Alice’s Twisted Tea Party’ at the Download Festival from June 10th to 12th. Invites will be distributed at night for lucky festival goers who will be able to win prizes and play the game.


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