All Star Karate

James Batchelor

All Star Karate

All Star Karate is the first motion-based title on the Wii to integrate karate-based gameplay.

It’s the latest in a line of All Star action games from THQ and promises players all the thrills of martial arts without getting bruised.

The IP originally kicked off in 2008 with All Star Cheerleader. The game and its sequel both appeared on the Wii and DS.

In All Star Karate , which is also Wii MotionPlus-compatible, players are thrust into the life of a young Karate novice whose attempt to save an elderly man from ninjas brings him face-to-face with a martial arts master, who shows him the ropes.


Users are able to wield the Wii Remote and Nunchuck – or two remotes – to pull off realistic karate techniques in order to progress their single-player career and attain all seven belts, including the prestigious black belt.

Players can even spar with a friend in a challenge mode or create their own sequences with the ‘Kata’ editor.

THQ is targeting the younger demographic with All Star Karate and says it aims to teach them real karate terminology and history in a fun way.

The game features a variety of humorous challenges including catching flies within a time limit and slapping a Sensei to stop him from falling asleep.

All Star Karate will be released for Wii on May 21st.


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