Ape Escape

Dominic Sacco

Ape Escape

Catching monkeys in nets might not be the most ethical action on Earth, but in the world of gaming it’s nothing but harmless fun.

That’s the exact premise in Ape Escape – Sony’s monkey-catching adventure game series that established itself in 1999 on PSOne. Gamers have to chase monkeys around, solve puzzles and catch them all to progress.

But unlike the other main third-person instalments and sports spin-off games in the franchise, the first Ape Escape on PS3 offers a fresh experience. It’s an on-rails, first-person shooter-like adventure where players use the PlayStation Move motion controllers to control a host of objects and capture monkeys.

When pointed at the screen, the Move controller can be used as an in-game net, slingshot, ape vacuum, banana zapper and more to chase monkeys and prevent them from stealing the player’s bananas.

Space apes

Players must catch 500 space monkeys which have invaded Earth as well as their evil leader Spencer. There are 15 levels with three unlockable mini-games.

On top of its humorous feel, Ape Escape also boasts a training mode and Monkeypedia, which lets gamers read up on the 500 different monkeys they must locate.

With its charming visuals and unique gameplay, Ape Escape will no doubt appeal to children, families and fans of the franchise when it makes its PS3 debut later this month.


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