Dominic Sacco


War strategy games are well known for their addictive gameplay and tactical features, but Funbox promises to up the ante in this release.

Apox takes elements from first-person shooters – such as crouching troops, weapon switching, ammo conservation and grenade throwing – and adds them to the strategy model to craft a new type of war game.

“RTS games traditionally perform well and Apox’s mix of FPS-style tactics offers the player a different perspective on the genre,” Funbox Media’s sales manager Mark Clemens tells MCV.

“Combined with great graphics, extensive gameplay and real time weaponry, the game deserves to perform and I am sure that it will prove a worthy purchase for the audience which we’ve targeted in our crosshair. In a tough PC market our expectations are realistic and we have priced Apox accordingly at £14.99.”

There are eight in-game missions designed to help gamers understand Apox’s unique gameplay features, before they can take the fight further and play on 100 skirmish maps online. There are even missions which can be played with up to 32 players.

Apox also features online rankings and stat tracking, as well as its own single-player mode, providing PC gamers with a new and exciting type of war strategy game at a budget price.


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