James Batchelor


Budget-priced adventure games are great margin makers for retailers, accessible and affordable enough to appeal to a much broader range of consumers than traditional boxed titles.

Casual publisher Big Fish Games is one of the market leaders in this sector, having conquered the PC budget chart with the Mystery Case Files series. Now UK publisher Licensed 4U is bringing Azada, Big Fish’s second most successful franchise, to 3DS.

The Manson family

In this handheld adaptation of the PC title, players help hapless magician Titus, who has been trapped in a haunted mansion by his great uncle. Naturally, doing so involves finding hidden objects, mastering mini-games and solving puzzles.

Every brainteaser that players overcome will bring them one step closer to recovering the missing pages of the enchanted book that binds Titus to his prison.There are more than 40 different puzzles to master, making this ideal for commuters and casual gamers. Azada even features five difficulty levels for those looking for a tougher challenge.

Licensed 4U’s licensee relationship manager Richard Barclay says: “Azada is a former No.1 on developer Big Fish Games’ PC download chart and was in the Top Ten for 20 weeks. The game offers brilliant escape-the-room puzzles and mini games and other puzzles based on Simon and Mastermind making it perfect for the Nintendo 3DS.”


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