Babysitting Mama

Dominic Sacco

Babysitting Mama

Cooking might have made Mama famous, but babysitting is her biggest challenge yet.

Babysitting Mama isn’t just a brand new Wii title, it’s a brand new gaming concept and comes complete with a totally unique peripheral: a baby.

This innovative accessory works with the Wii Remote and allows users to feed it, rock it to sleep and keep it entertained. There is also two-player capability allowing children to look after the baby together.

Since it began in 2006, the Mama franchise has sold over 7m units worldwide, with six products released under the Cooking Mama umbrella to date. 505 Games says this success will continue with Babysitting Mama.

“Cooking Mama Limited – the studio behind the franchise – is always looking to enhance the brand, making the most of the technology and finding new ways to play – and Babysitting Mama is that next step,” says senior product manager Juliette Fielder.

“Mama is a helping hand in many activities, we’ve already seen her popularity in cooking and gardening. Her kind, compassionate manner can extend to any fun activity and babysitting seemed like the obvious choice for Mama.”

Players insert the Wii Remote inside the Mama Baby – a plush, life size doll – and it comes to life. Then, of course, it needs looking after, and that’s when the fun begins.

Thankfully, Mama herself is on hand to show players how to take care of their baby and become good babysitters.

Fielder adds: “The doll is designed by Cooking Mama Limited to be bundled with Babysitting Mama on Wii. It has all of Mama’s identifiable features, her big eyes, her big smile, and is instantly loveable. An opening in its back, secured by Velcro, enables the Wii Remote to be securely held in the back of the doll for gameplay.”

Users play along with Mama and do everything a real babysitter would do, all the time aiming to keep their baby happy, healthy and entertained.


As well as feeding their baby, rocking it to sleep and, of course, playing games with it, there are five different Mama Babies to take care of.

On top of this, there are over 50 different babysitting games and tasks to tackle, meaning there’s always something to do.

Playing with a lifesize doll and watching their actions play out onscreen makes Babysitting Mama a totally original experience and the ideal game for young girls.

Fielder says: “With such a unique proposition, the doll is so much more than just a gaming peripheral. It offers children a game as well as a toy, and is the perfect gift for Christmas.”

Traditionally the Mama games have been popular with boys and girls aged between seven and 12 years old, but Babysitting Mama appeals to younger females aged between four and seven.

With an RRP of £49.99, the Babysitting Mama doll and game offer an innovative and alternative experience for younger players.


In her new Nintendo DS game, Cooking Mama World Hobbies & Fun, Mama introduces players to a whole host of activities.

Girls of all ages can start designing their own jewellery, practice flower arranging, make their own clothes and create their own pottery.

As you’d expect, Mama’s always on hand with new ideas and to help get them started. They will learn plenty of new skills and discover loads of things to do in real life as well as on their DS.

As the title suggests, though, it’s not just hobbies – there’s plenty of fun. There are over 100 mini-games to play, and the graphics and multiplayer modes make the whole experience colourful and interactive.

In total there are 40 items to create, involving a range of different skills and activities. And all of them can be completely customised so that every player ends up with their own unique collection. When they’ve made their items, they can then play with them or swap them with friends.

The title, along with Babysitting Mama, benefits from a marketing and PR campaign.

505 Games’ senior product manager Juliette Fielder says: “We will be following the same successful formula which we have used to release the rest of the instalments in the successful Mama series.

“This will include targeted TV and online ads, supplemented by a strong PR campaign – all targeting the parent and gift buyer, as well as the end user.”


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