Blood Drive

Dominic Sacco

Blood Drive

CARS AND ZOMBIES. It’s a combination that once before drew success with the classic PC Carmageddon series.

Now Activision is releasing its own budget console take on the idea, with Blood Drive awarding players who can mow down the most zombies. Add a bunch of rival cars – and a £19.99 price tag – and you have a perfect stocking filler for the older core gamer.

Blood Drive mixes hordes of the ravaging undead with over-the-top vehicle-based combat, akin to Twisted Metal, in a brand new fictional TV sport.

Players must control their heavily armoured cars – which range from sports cars to tanks, trucks and estates – to battle each other and hordes of zombies in a fight to the death. Each vehicle also includes its own unique character, from bloodied doctors to big American truckers and psychotic ladies.

Blood Drive features several back-to-back events in each tournament, with single challenges available across the game’s six environments. There’s also a selection of multiplayer modes that allow up to four players to take part.

Each stage is full of different zombies, including undead teenagers, cops and strippers. Higher scores are awarded for consecutive kills.

With its budget RRP, zombies and frantic gameplay, Blood Drive is a cheaper alternative to other mature triple-A titles this Christmas.

Borrowing from a classic

Carmageddon was the first mainstream title to combine cars with killing when it arrived on the PC in 1997, before spawning a range of sequels on multiple platforms including the PlayStation.

Some titles were censored, with the pedestrians replaced by zombies with green blood.


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