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Forget headshots and melee attacks – Bulletstorm introduces electric whips, firing grenades up monster’s behinds and impaling enemies on mutant cacti.

It’s these bizarre attacks that make EA’s new IP stand out from the crowd. Bulletstorm is a first person shooter that is being developed by the experts at Epic Games and People Can Fly, the studios behind acclaimed titles such as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade and Painkiller.

“Bulletstorm is all about bringing the fun back to first person shooters,” EA’s product marketing manager Will Graham tells MCV.

“The intense over-the-top sci-fi FPS obviously comes with the Epic and People Can Fly pedigree that we have already seen with the likes of Gears of War. Both developers are all about action on a big scale and high quality.”

Deadly skills

The game is set in an alternate future where a peacekeeping force fights to prevent a civil war.

Deception within the ranks causes two top members – Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato – to go it alone. Players take control of Hunt as he takes on hordes of mutants and escapes from a strange island.

Bulletstorm’s ‘skillshot’ system rewards players for wacky kills such as pulling enemies towards them with an electronic leash before kicking them onto spikes.

There is also a full online multiplayer mode that allows four people to play cooperatively, adding replay value to the game.

With People Can Fly and Epic Games’ strong reputation for killer gameplay and EA’s big marketing plans (see ‘Marketing storm’), Bulletstorm is ready to become the first big multiformat first person shooter of 2011.

A hail of bullets

Four reasons why Bulletstorm will be a hit with gamers:

Marketing storm

EA is running a large-scale ‘kill with skill’ marketing campaign to support the release of Bulletstorm. Ads will appear on TV, in print and online targeting core gamers, Epic’s fanbase and a more mainstream demographic.

Gears of More

Buyers of the Bulletstorm Epic Edition on Xbox 360 will receive early access to the Gears of War 3 beta before the game goes on sale this autumn. The Epic Edition also includes extra in-game armour and weapons.

Shooter students

A Bulletstorm student tour will run throughout February, driving awareness of the title to its target audience of over 18s. This will allow students to experience the game at universities across the UK.

People Can Fly

Bulletstorm has been developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games – two respected studios. The former produced the much-loved Painkiller while Epic boasts top-selling game franchises including Gears of War.


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