Call of Atlantis

Dominic Sacco

Call of Atlantis

GREEK GOD Poseidon is angry. Inhabitants of the fabled city of Atlantis have forgotten to honour him, causing the God to get out of his pram and smash seven important crystals.

Thankfully gem-matching games are not popular with casual gamers for their bizarre plotlines, but for their addictive gameplay instead. Call of Atlantis is no different.

The game combines gem-matching, hidden object and adventure gameplay to create a new type of DS puzzle game. Players must travel across seven countries to reclaim Poseidon’s lost gems, including Greece, Egypt, Italy and more.

In each of the 66 stages, players can swap two tiles at a time to create horizontal or vertical rows of three identical symbols. The more they link, the higher their score and the quicker they progress.

i’ve got the power

There are also power-ups for players to discover such as an hour-glass which slows down time, an amulet that destroys all tiles in the field and bombs which can remove a block of gems.

With its range of colourful locales, blend of three puzzle game types and strong casual appeal, Call of Atlantis promises a fun experience for any DS owner.


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