Camp Rock: The Final Jam

Christopher Dring

Camp Rock: The Final Jam

Camp Rock: The Final Jam will allow fans of Camp Rock and the upcoming movie sequel to finally become their very own Camp Rockers.

Players can play alongside Jonas Brothers Mitchie, Shane, Nate, Jason and a range of other Camp Rock favourites in the musical adventure game, playing through the events of the upcoming film, Camp Rock: The Final Jam.

Fans can take part in a range of puzzles and mini-games set across the familiar locations of the film in order to beat Camp Star, the slick new rival camp on the scene.

Activities including water balloon fights and canoe racing showcase the game’s colourful visuals, and fans can recreate the songs that made the films such a hit with teens.

Gamers can rock out to the tunes from both films by using the DS stylus as a means of playing guitar, bass and drums, as well as being able to recreate the upbeat dance numbers.

Camp Rockers are also able to customise their characters through clothing choices by adding accessories and wearing make-up around the camp.

Whilst the Camp Rock title alone is enough to send hordes of teens foaming at the mouth into stores, the addition of puzzles, mini-games and customisable rockers will surely capitalise on the excitement surrounding the new film. 

Camp Rock: The Final Jam is released on September 17th to accompany the movie’s debut on the Disney Channel.


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