Carnival Games: In Action

Dominic Sacco

Carnival Games: In Action

Carnival Games is one of the most popular franchises from 2K Games’ casual 2K Play label, with sales of 7m units worldwide.

The first title in the series, Carnival Games, was released on Wii in 2007 and became a hit with children and families for its variety of fairground-style mini-games.

Now the franchise’s developer Cat Daddy Games has produced an all-new title from the ground up exclusively for the Xbox 360 Kinect motion accessory.

Carnival Games: In Action contains 20 mini-games you’d likely find at a fun fair, such as shooting baskets through hoops and throwing balls at a stack of tin cans, and combines them with more imaginative experiences such as pig races and mine cart rides.

“In Action has retained the humour and quality of our previous Carnival Games,” says 2K Games UK marketing manager Simon Turner. “However, this game has been specifically built for Kinect. So we absolutely believe that Kinect families will love this game.”

Xbox Party

Users can control their own Xbox Live avatars in Carnival Games: In Action, adding a personal touch to the title. Not only that, but players can decorate their avatars in-game with unlockable costumes.

But it’s the gameplay that can make or break a game, and In Action’s diverse range of mini-games promise a fun family experience. Whether it’s taking part in a hot air balloon race, swinging an imaginary hammer down to ring a bell or even piloting a rocket towards Mars, the title has something for everyone.

With its wide range of collectibles, mini-games and broad appeal there’s no reason why Carnival Games: In Action can’t be Kinect’s next big family hit.

Ads in action

Children’s TV

Premium spots wlll run on kids’ TV channels Nickelodeon, CITV, Cartoon Network, Milkshake and Disney to make younger players aware of Carnival Games: In Action.

Family TV

2K Games is kicking off a separate family TV campaign for the game, with ads appearing on Channel 4, Five, Sky 1 and during Daybreak. An ad will also run during Britain’s Got Talent on April 16th.


An Easter sampling tour will head to UK shopping centres including the Nottingham Victoria Centre, Birmingham Bullring, Milton Keynes Centre and London’s Westfield.

Brand extension

Carnival Games: In Action follows several previous games in the franchise including the 2007 Wii original Carnival Games, 2008’s Mini-Golf spin-off and Funfair Games on DS.


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