Classic Games

James Batchelor

Classic Games

While video games are becoming an increasingly dominant form of entertainment today, their predecessors are still just as engaging as they were in the days before electricity and pixels.

Classic Games features more than 50 activities covering a range of puzzles, board games and card games. DS owners will be able to enjoy the likes of Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Solitaire, Mahjong, Sudoku, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and more.

Naturally, each one has been developed to take advantage of the DS’ unique display and touch screen, making any of the available games accessible to consumers of all ages.

There are various difficulty levels for each game, allowing hardened puzzle fans to tweak them for a greater challenge, while less experienced players can enjoy step-by-step demonstrations for the more complex activities, such as Poker.

Consumers can work through the multitude of games on their own or test themselves against computer opponents, offering plenty of reply value.


The game is aimed at the broad DS demographic in the hopes that it will appeal to not only younger gamers looking for a more cerebral challenge but also older consumers who’d love to have their favourite distractions no more than a few taps away.

Additionally, the fact that Classic Games is hitting shelves only a few months after the DSi XL was launched in the UK will only help it engage with this audience.

“We truly believe that Classic Games is a unique offering for the UK consumer,” says Foreign Media Games’ MD Michel van Elmpt.

“It has proven its success in the Benelux market and we are now bringing it to the UK. It offers high value for money and its concept is easy to use and highly addictive.

“In connection with the new DSi XL, Classic Games is very appealing for an older audience. All popular classic games are on one cartridge: board games, card games, Mahjong, Match 3, puzzles and more. You will never get bored with this collection.”


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