Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike

Dominic Sacco

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike

WITH SALES of more than 1m units worldwide, the Combat of Giants franchise has already seen significant success on DS.

In Dinosaurs Strike, Ubisoft is putting Mr T-Rex and co at loggerheads again – this time on Wii. The publisher says the brand offers younger players the thrill of controlling a giant creature and fighting others to survive.

Players can take control of 18 different dinosaurs including a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus and more. These can be customised with 12 different colour options, strike patterns and extra horns.

Each dinosaur has its own special abilities and must defend themselves from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as well as their opponents.

Gameplay follows the traditional 2D fighter system with a player declared winner after claiming two of three rounds.

There is also a ‘Domination’ mode where users must take on eight opponents back-to-back before facing a huge boss. Up to four gamers can play in versus and tag team modes.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike is a unique offering for younger players and fighting fans.


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