Conduit 2

Dominic Sacco

Conduit 2

The Wii may not be home to as many first person shooters as the Xbox 360 and PS3, but core gamers have one stand-out title over those platforms – Conduit.

When the original game hit shelves in June 2009 it was praised for its impressive graphics, fluid FPS gameplay and intuitive control system. This netted Conduit several accolades from the specialist games press including Best Wii Game, Best Wii Shooter and Best Graphics Technology on Wii at E3 in 2008.

Conduit 2 expands on this by offering a range of new and more powerful weapons, co-op modes and greater controller precision using the Wii MotionPlus.

Gamers must take to the frontlines of war to save the world from an alien invasion. To aid them in their mission, they can use a powerful arsenal of super weapons to crush the alien threat.

Guns include the Hive Cannon which fires a swarm of insects that explode on impact, the Aegis Device that shields incoming projectiles, the AR-C Eclipse which makes the player invisible, and the Phase Rifle that can see and shoot through walls.

There are three multiplayer modes – free-for-all, team deathmatch and team objective – all of which have sub-games such as ‘capture the flag’ and ‘balloon battle’.

The latter is inspired by a Mario Kart  mode, where a balloon is popped every time the player dies, and when all balloons are popped the character turns into a mini-bomb. The last player alive wins.

Consumers can also customise four online avatars, with a wide range of character models, armour parts and colours to choose from. The choice of primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade type and suit upgrade also factor into how the player performs in online deathmatches.

As explained, Wii MotionPlus compatibility means that the game has a more responsive control system, with improved tracking and Wii Remote pointer control. This makes aiming even more accurate and head shots easier to pull off.


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