Dominic Sacco


CREATE is a new title that encourages players to decorate the in-game world and fill it with hundreds of different objects.

Once the stage has been filled with textures and props, the user can bring the scene to life – whether it’s a buggy racing off a ramp or a rocket that knocks over a traffic cone and causes a chain reaction. The possibilities all come down to the gamer’s imagination.

The simple point-and-click system allows players to move objects around intuitively, and lends itself well to both the Wii Remote and PS3 Move contollers. It’s a single-player game but the idea is that others can watch and provide their own input.

“We wanted to make Create accessible to kids with families who don’t play games that regularly,” says EA producer Justin Manning.

Create also features a range of modes, including ‘Object Challenge’ which introduces each item to the player, ‘Pick up party’ which gives them a wider number of items to work with and ‘Contraption-o-matic’, where the user must build a series of items to complete a task.

EA also says the title could see long-term sales.

Manning adds: “A lot of titles have a small window of selling but people could pick this up in two years’ time and still enjoy it. Whether it makes a big splash at Christmas or not, people will still be enjoying it quarter after quarter.”


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