Crysis 2

Dominic Sacco

Crysis 2

Crytek is focused on making sure Crysis 2 becomes one of the biggest shooters on the market when it hits shelves next month.

If its predecessors are anything to go by, gamers will be in for a treat again. The 2007 original shook up the FPS sector with its impressive visuals and enjoyable gameplay, and it received a score of 91 on Metacritic. Crysis Warhead arrived a year later with a score of 84.

The aliens return in Crysis 2, with the action this time set in New York. Players take on the role of a super soldier with a nanosuit that puts Solid Snake’s getup to shame.

A deadly plague strikes the city as aliens smash the streets to pieces. Gamers must defend the area from the extra-terrestrial invasion and Earth’s impending doom.

Gamers’ Crysis

Using the power of their nanosuit, players can take advantage of a range of powers to save the day including invisibility, super speed, solid armour – which can withstand deadly falls – and super strength to send cars flying and squash foes.

Crysis 2 allows players to select their own route through the lengthy single-player campaign, whether they use invisibility to stealth past enemies, speed boosts to avoid bullets, or just accurate shooting to progress. This adds an RPG tinge to the title, and presents users with a variety of gameplay choices.

On top of the fleshed out single-player campaign, Crysis 2 boasts a comprehensive online multiplayer offering, courtesy of Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical Design, which produced the much-loved Timesplitters shooter series).

Gamers can choose from a range of modes including crash site where two teams compete for control of drop pods by guarding them. Or there’s ‘Team Instant Action’ which pits two groups against each other in a more traditional deathmatch style game.

Players can use their nanosuit powers in multiplayer too, adding a tactical element to the online matches.

High-Tek extras

3D vision

Crysis 2 features full stereoscopic 3D, allowing players to experience enemies, bullets and locations as if they’re jumping out at them. It’s a move that echoes other big-name shooters such as Killzone 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, which also featured stereoscopic 3D.

Nano Edition

EA is producing two Crysis 2 special SKUS – the Limited Edition and the Nano Edition. The former includes bonus XP, a special weapon skin, hologram decoy feature and a platinum multiplayer dog tag. The Nano Edition also features an 11-inch statue of the game’s hero.


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