Dance Juniors

Dominic Sacco

Dance Juniors

IN ONE year Ubisoft has become the king of dancing games.

Its Just Dance franchise has sold a whopping 10m units worldwide from two games, while Michael Jackson: The Experience has sold 2m copies alone since release.

Spin-off Dance on Broadway is also heading to Move and Kinect.

The success of these titles has prompted a barrage of dancing games from other publishers, but none have managed to knock Ubisoft off its perch. Now the firm is releasing Dance Juniors just for kids.

“Based on a simple game mechanic that is easy to pick up and play, and with over 40 choreographies from their favourite hits, Dance Juniors offers kids the funniest dancing experience,” Ubisoft brand manager Rachael Grant tells MCV.

Songs include ‘Mmm Bop’, ‘Kung Fu Fighting’, ‘Macarena’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’. Each tune has been re-recorded by children and boasts its own set of specially choreographed dances moves.

Up to four players can dance at once and customise their own playlists. There’s even a section for parents that shows them how their children are progressing.

“Hopefully the game will entertain and stimulate kids whilst allowing parents to spend time with them,” adds Grant.

Ubisoft is also kicking off a comprehensive marketing campaign on TV, online and in print to convince parents that Dance Juniors is the perfect game for their little ones.

20-second and 30-second ads will appear on TV from the game’s release to March 27th while reviews will run in parental magazines, mum blogs and pre-school publications.

A video-on-demand campaign will also run during ITV programmes.


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