Dance on Broadway

Dominic Sacco

Dance on Broadway

Forget your Surfin’ Bird, Hammertime and Britney Spears routines – this is classic dancing.

Following the staggering success of Just Dance – more than one million copies sold in the UK and counting – Ubisoft has readied another toe-tapping Wii title that could well dominate the charts for months to come.

Dance On Broadway ditches more contemporary choreography for some of the routines seen in the world’s most popular musicals from the past 30 years, including Fame, Chicago, Hairspray, The Rocky Horror Show and more.

Once again, players need nothing more than a remote in their hand as they follow the genuine dance routines performed on screen. The game even presents the lyrics so that gamers can sing along.

Up to four players can enjoy the fun, each with their own character on screen, dancing in classic costumes and scenes that really emphasise the Broadway theme.


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