Datel Xbox 360 WildFire 2

Dominic Sacco

Datel Xbox 360 WildFire 2

THE MARKET for FPS games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Halo: Reach is stronger than ever.

Datel is catering to buyers of these titles with its new Xbox 360 WildFire 2 Controller, featuring programmable rapid fire, improved accuracy and a ‘Customiser’ mode that tailors the device to the user.

It’s the only third party controller on the market that boasts a direct wireless sync with the Xbox 360 console – no additional cords or dongles required.

Players can re-map WildFire’s buttons, use a Call of Duty configuration in Halo and speed up or slow down the Turbo Rapid Fire function. Left-handed gamers can even swap the analog sticks around for a more comfortable grip.

The unique selling point is the WildFire 2’s customisation options. By connecting the controller into a PC USB port, gamers can access the device’s in-built profile.

From there, they can download a host of custom controller moves and enhancements such as Sniper Mode, Low Recoil and expert macro sequences to elevate their gaming prowess to a higher level.

SuperSports 3X (360, PS3, PC – £39.99)

Petrolheads are also taken care of with Datel’s latest steering wheel accessory. Dominic Sacco looks at all of its key features.

WITH THE arrival of Gran Turismo 5, driving fans have never had a better excuse to buy a new game wheel.

Datel’s SuperSports 3X is compatible with all racing games on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, including popular titles such as Forza MotorSport 3, Burnout Paradise, F1 2010 and the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5.

The wheel features rubber grip, dual-vibration force feedback, twin wheel-mounted gear shift paddles, and accelerator and brake pedals. It aims to replicate the sensation of high-speed racing with its realistic shape and feel.

Like the Xbox 360 WildFire 2, the SuperSports 3X also includes a ‘Customiser’ mode. By plugging the wheel into a PC’s USB port, players can access custom settings for the accessory and download the latest enhancements to it (see ‘The racing line-up’ for a list of compatible games).

Players can also fine-tune the sensitivity of the steering wheel, vary the turbo mode speed and produce a custom button configuration. With its affordable price tag of £39.99, the SuperSports 3X racing wheel should appeal to range of gamers.

The racing line-up

Gamers can download extra settings and enhancements for the following games:

- MotorStorm
- Forza 3
- Formula 1 2010
- Dirt 2
- Grid
- Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
- Pure
- Need for Speed: Shift
- Burnout Paradise
- Gran Turismo 5


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