Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising

James Batchelor

Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising

THQ’s best-selling Dawn Of War action strategy franchise returns to shelves in the form of Chaos Rising, the first expansion pack to last year’s DOW II.

This title entices gamers back to the Warhammer 40,000 universe for a series of new missions. Chaos Rising raises the squad level cap and introduces new units for each of the different races.

“The critically acclaimed Dawn of War series is one of our most successful franchises, with over four million worldwide sales to date,” says product marketing manager Elizabeth Blackman.

“We expect Chaos Rising to perform in-line with other expansion packs in the Dawn Of War franchise, which have all been very successful sellers, and expect to leverage further sales of the Dawn Of War II franchise through the simultaneous release of the Game Of The Year and Gold editions.”

THQ will be marketing Chaos Rising with an online media plan that covers both core gaming and PC specific sites in order to target existing fans of the series and RTS gamers.

The game will also be part of the publisher’s on-going sponsorship of Stargate on Sky.


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