De Blob 2

Dominic Sacco

De Blob 2

The original De Blob won over both children and hardcore gamers alike for its unique style and feel-good gameplay.

De Blob is a platformer where players control a living blob of paint and bounce him into buildings to splash colour and music across the drab in-game city. This unique concept helped the original Wii game establish itself as a successful new IP in 2008.

Now the lovable little blob is back in a sequel that boasts 3D TV and Move compatibility, HD graphics, new co-op modes and arrival onto Xbox 360, PS3 and DS consoles.

“De Blob 2 delivers wonderfully simple yet thoroughly addictive gameplay seldom found in many video games today,” says THQ’s product marketing manager
Mark Fisher.

“The focus for De Blob 2 was on expanding and adding to its already strong mechanic, literally giving the consumer much more of what they loved about the original while further opening up the experience to HD consoles.

“We are confident that the game will continue to appeal to De Blob fans while also attracting a whole new audience.”

Mr Blobby

De Blob 2 is very much a case of ‘if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’ The game takes what was successful from the original and adds a series of extras to broaden its appeal.

The blob hero must paint Prisma City to breathe new life into the world and free it from the evil rule of Papa Blanc’s hypnosis ray and his army of cultists.

Players can smash walls, jet jump over skyscrapers and squash inky enemies with slam attacks. There are also new power ups that can turn the character into Super Blob.

The game features boss battles and a range of environments including tropical bio domes, icy outposts and even space stations. Players can also team up by spreading colour throughout the world together in the game’s new co-op mode.

De Blob 2 is set to extend the brand’s popularity in what could be an early surprise hit of 2011.

De marketing

An above-the-line advertising campaign will run in specialist and kids magazines, as well as a variety of websites. There will also be a De Blob flash game online to drive further interest, as well as a Facebook page.

Retail push

THQ says it has been working closely with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to maximise exposure through their channels. The publisher has also been distributing a series of humorous trailers through PR and community sites.


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