Dead Or Alive: Paradise

James Batchelor

Dead Or Alive: Paradise

Tecmo Koei’s Dead Or Alive series has graced PlayStation devices since the original launched in 1998. 12 years later, the series makes its debut on Sony’s handheld platform in the form of Dead Or Alive: Paradise.

Rather than joining the beat-‘em-up entries in the franchise, Paradise instead focuses on the popular female characters with a range of new mini-games, akin to the Xtreme Volleyball titles.

With less than a month to go until the game arrives and consumers flocking to every batch of new artwork (we wonder why...), the publisher is expecting good things from DOA’s latest outing and is keen to highlight the warm reception Paradise has enjoyed.

“It’s great to see the return of the Dead Or Alive franchise, and to see it returning to PlayStation,” says Tecmo Koei’s vice president of sales and marketing Will Curley.

“The support for the title has been incredibly strong amongst retailers and the media.

“We are proud to be providing another great title for the PSP a format that we have been vigorously backing as a company. With DOA’s return on PSP, we’re sure this title will provide another profitable product for our retail partners.”

In Dead Or Alive: Paradise, players are encouraged to interact with and befriend the series’ familiar ladies as they enjoy their exotic vacation on New Zack Island.

They can enjoy a range of summer-themed activities ranging from volleyball to pool-hopping, before visiting a revamped casino resort for a spot of light-hearted gambling.

As players progress in each of these pastimes, they earn money with which they can buy gifts, ranging from clothes to gadgets and other accessories, for their favourite babes.

Doing so improves their relationship with them, ultimately allowing them to challenge them to new sports and unlocking additional mini-games.

Ultimately, players will earn the right to take pictures of them in a variety of swimwear photoshoots, with their chosen girl posing around the island. These photos can then be arranged into private photo albums for later perusal.

Curley says: “The DOA franchise has a long history as a best-seller on PlayStation consoles and we find the market is still warm towards quality PSP-exclusive products. All the retailers we have presented the product to have been enthusiastic and happy to see the DOA franchise back.

“The media and buying public have also been positive. Everybody from the Official PlayStation Magazine through to cult and fan blogs have been welcoming its return.”

Building on this enthusiasm, Tecmo Koei has drawn up a heavily targeted marketing campaign to engage the Dead Or Alive fanbase.

Print coverage has been carefully arranged, from pieces in OPM to an extensive look at the series in animé enthusiast press.

The game also appeared in NEO in the form of three exclusive collector’s edition gate-fold covers.

Online, the publisher has established an official website for the game and is communicating with fans through Facebook, Twitter and other social media. There will also be a site takeover on, targeting female DOA fans.

Finally, consumers that contacted DOA character Hitomi through a dedicated email address will be receiving special messages as the game’s launch approaches.

“There are many wonderful, nubile things that set DOA: Paradise apart from other games,” says Curley.

“You’ve just got to have a peek at the screenshots. What better time to release such a game? I challenge anyone to find anything that will warm their cockles as much as Dead Or Alive: Paradise will.”


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