Dead Space 2

Dominic Sacco

Dead Space 2

IN SPACE no one can hear you scream. EA took this concept, added a number of flesh-eating aliens and survival horror gameplay to create Dead Space, released in 2008 to rave reviews.

The atmospheric action game received a high average review score of 89 per cent on Metacritic, and went on to sell over 1.5m units across the world.

Now Visceral Games and EA are delivering a follow-up to the acclaimed original, adding new monsters and a multiplayer mode.

The game picks up where the first Dead Space left off, allowing players to again take control of Isaac Clarke following his nightmarish experience with an alien outbreak in the first title.

Dead Space 2 sticks to the formula that made its predecessor such a hit with survival horror fans – boasting atmosphere, plenty of jumpy sections and a range of new limb-dismembering weapons. The Javelin is one such device, firing sharp bolts at enemies and impaling them to walls.

Players can also use an upgraded telekinesis module in order to rip off limbs from enemies and use them as weapons.

Space for improvement

Visceral Games has added greater attention-to-detail into Dead Space 2. Almost everything is destructible, from swinging lights to pillars, desks, walls and posters.

There are also new enemies such as the crawler and the stalker – with the latter lurking in the shadows before jumping out at the player.

But the greatest addition is arguably the sequel’s multiplayer mode (see ‘Dead good’), which will no doubt pull in thousands of extra gamers who prefer playing online.

With its new features, huge following and January release window, Dead Space 2 is set to be an early hit of 2011.

Dead good

How Visceral Games is building on the original Dead Space:

More scares

Dead Space 2 adds Xbox Live and PSN multiplayer to the series for the first time. Players can control a human or a necromorph mutant and use a variety of attacks to take out the other team.

Pre-order incentives

Shoppers who pre-order a copy of Dead Space 2 on Xbox 360 or PS3 will also receive a code to download Dead Space Ignition. This comic book-style prequel usually costs 400 Microsoft Points or £3.99 on PSN.

Building atmosphere

BAFTA-winning composer Jason Graves returns to create the tense music in Dead Space 2. He has produced scores for a number of game franchises including Command and Conquer, The Sims and Raving Rabbids.

Dead Space Extraction

Buyers of the PS3 Dead Space 2 special edition will also receive a Move-compatible version of Dead Space Extraction. This is a separate motion control game that was originally released on Wii in September 2009.


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