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Until now no game created by Japanese developer Cave has made it to the shelves of UK retailers.

Despite this, the company’s output courts an impressive reputation across the PAL territory. With firm roots in the arcade industry, Cave has a near monopoly on the 2D shoot ‘em up genre.

Its titles are infamously intense, of very high quality, and hugely collectible; all of which makes them enormously desirable with gamers.

Recognising the potential to play on Cave’s cult status, Rising Star is releasing Deathsmiles in the UK. For an affordable price of £29.99, Western gamers finally have a chance to see why some of the studio’s titles sell on the second-hand market for over £1,000.

The PAL version of Halloween-themed shoot ‘em up Deathsmiles offers players three game modes – the original arcade version, an Xbox 360 update and a special arrangement called Version 1.1.

“Added to this, Europe will be getting an exclusive Deluxe Edition which includes the original soundtrack and digital desktop accessories,” said Rising Star product manager Yen Hau.

“Combine this with online co-op play, rankings and a competitive retail price, and there is enough in the package to offer gamers the ultimate shoot ‘em up experience.”

Rising Star has readied an impressive marketing effort to support Deathsmiles, which includes a wide range of online ads.

Hau added: “Our PR and community focused plans worked well for us in 2010 and so we will be continuing this effort.

“We will also have a slot on the Xbox 360 dashboard where owners will be able to download various assets, as well as a comprehensive advertising plan booked online over the vast Google Display Network and Gorilla Nation.”

Thanks to Rising Star’s efforts, Cave looks set to climb way beyond cult status in the UK with Deathsmiles next month.

Collect ‘Em All

Keenly aware of Cave’s reputation with serious game collectors, Rising Star has assembled a Deathsmiles package that will no doubt tantalise those enchanted by special editions.

An official CD soundtrack is included in the PAL Deluxe Edition, which was previously only available in Japan as a standalone release. This means international collectors will likely be falling over themselves to pick up the UK Deathsmiles game.


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