Deep Black

Release date Nov 2011 Price £29.95
Format PC
Publisher Merge Games Distributor Advantage Distribution
Developer - Contact 0121 506 9590
James Batchelor

Deep Black

An underwater adventure that adds new depth to third-person shooters. MCV takes a closer look.

Most video game battles take place on the ground, some integrate aerial combat while others even reach into space.

Merge Games’ newest PC adventure goes the other way, taking the action to the bottom of the ocean. Deep Black is a third-person shooter with a focus on underwater battles. Players take on the role of a soldier equipped with a special suit that allows him to quickly navigate through watery labyrinths and infiltrate sunken facilities.

As a result, combat in this title takes a very different shift compared to other shooters. Gamers can swim in all directions as they try to evade heavily-armed battle mechs and underwater drones. Only by utilising the game’s inventory, including harpoons, stun guns, EMP grenades and underwater jet packs can they hope to survive each encounter. Underwater combat also makes Deep Black’s multiplayer mode unlike anything available in other third-person shooters.

Rolling in the Deep

The single-player campaign follows a storyline that encompasses sci-fi, mystery and espionage. Set in the near future, gamers are caught up in a fight against terrorism and biological weapons.

There are over 30 missions on offer, with three difficulty levels for PC owners that want to challenge themselves. The game supports nVidia’s 3D Vision technology, guaranteeing a deep experience.

Deep Black plays like an underwater Dead Space minus the bloody horror and is sure to appeal to fans of EA’s sci-fi shooter as well as other titles in the genre.


Tags: preview , pc , action

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