Disney Pixar's Up

James Batchelor

Disney Pixar's Up

Fresh from its success with Wall-E, Disney Pixar is bringing its latest enchanting feature film Up to cinemas across the UK over the next month – and THQ is once again on hand to publish the video game adaptation.

The firm has proven itself a dab hand at transferring Pixar movies to console over the last decade, and Up seems to have the right ingredients for success.

The game follows the events of the film, in which an old man seeks to move his house away from the city by lifting it with thousands of helium balloons. Once airborne, he discovers he has inadvertently taken with him a young boy who happened to be on his porch at the time of take off. Together, they journey to Paradise Falls, South America in search of adventure.

Players take on the role of each of the film’s main characters, including the miserly Carl Fredricksen and the chirpy young Wilderness Explorer, Russel. At times, they will also be called upon to control jungle natives Dug, a dog with a translating collar, and Kevin the prehistoric bird.

The majority of the game focuses on platforming action as gamers try to traverse the perilous terrain of the Amazonian jungles. Carl and his friends must explore dark caves, rock gardens, confusing mazes and raging rivers if he is to find a place that they can call home in Paradise Falls.

Throughout these levels are various puzzling elements, such as moving boulders to clear a path, or jumping on seesaws and swinging on vines to access new areas. Gamers will also have to battle with the dangerous creatures that inhabit the jungle, including man-eating plants, giant anacondas and crocodiles.


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