Dive to the Titanic

Dominic Sacco

Dive to the Titanic

HE MIGHT be a millionaire hunk with legions of female fans, but not even Leonardo DiCaprio got to explore the Titanic with a remote control camera.

Excalibur Publishing is allowing PC owners to do just that in new exploration-based title Dive to the Titanic. As an expert in the PC simulation market, the firm has already seen success with titles including Digging Simulator, Farming Simulator and more (see ‘Extra Time’ for other titles).

“Hot on the heels of Farming Simulator 2011 – which has so far reached No.6 in the PC chart – we have high hopes for Dive to the Titanic,” Excalibur’s MD Robert Stallibrass tells MCV.

The game puts players in control of a mini-submarine called Nephron, and its remote camera, which can travel 4,000 metres below sea level. From there, users can catch a glimpse of the famous liner and explore its insides.

Players must raise artefacts from the ship, take photos and sell items for upgrades.

With a ‘free roam’ mode and three levels of difficulty, Dive to the Titanic offers PC simulation fans a brand new adventure this Christmas.

Extra time

Excalibur is also promoting its ‘Extra Play’ range of titles – all retailing at £9.99 each.

Euro Truck Simulator

For those who wonder what it’s like to drive an 18-wheel juggernaut picking up and delivering cargo across Europe. Euro Truck Simulator features accurate truck interiors and authentic European roads and cities.

Air Conflicts

Excalibur invites players to engage in realistic World War II dogfights in this  aerial combat simulator. There are three sides for gamers to choose from – Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe and Red Army Air Force.

Farming Simulator

Assuming the role of a young farmer, players can choose from a range of vehicles and machinery to create their own farm. There are four crops to choose from, AI assistants and plenty of in-game combine harvesters.

Bus Driver

This simulation challenges transport fans to drive passengers across 30 different locations. Sudden braking, jumping red lights and forgetting to indicate causes the passengers to panic, giving the user a lower score.


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